Houses in Multiple Occupancy

29 January 2018

Following comments made around calls for a mandatory licencing scheme for landlords of houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs), the council has issued the following statement.

Councillor Ainsley Arnold,Ainsley-Arnold-200 Cheshire East Council cabinet member for housing, planning and regeneration, said: “The council is fully aware of the issues and is proactively looking at implementing a mandatory licensing scheme, hopefully by April of this year.

“The council will also review how best to manage and inspect houses in multiple occupancy, where such properties fall outside the mandatory scheme. The council is also considering the option of more controls for HMOs through the planning system, although it recognises the important role played by the rental sector in providing housing and accommodation.

“While we take this issue seriously, we do need to make sure that we take a proportionate response and that issues raised are based on evidence.

“This matter was discussed at some length at a council committee meeting last week and a number of suggested actions were approved.”