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Council to bring key economic development services back in-house

1 July 2019

Cheshire East Council has announced it will redesign the council’s strategic services for growth, regeneration and economic development.

This includes the council providing services previously commissioned through Engine of the North and the Skills and Growth Company directly, as well as reviewing some of the services currently provided by the council.

This would mean the transfer of staff and responsibilities of these two companies back to the council.

The council has been undertaking a review of each of its ASDVs (alternative service delivery vehicles) and the first phase of this review is now ready to be implemented.

Cheshire East Council’s cabinet and shareholder committee endorsed the proposals, following on from the review, to bring most of the services currently delivered by these two companies back in-house as well as redesigning its in-house services.

The decision was taken on 13 March by the portfolio holder and the matter was reviewed by the council’s overview and scrutiny committee on 6 June.

Frank Jordan, Cheshire East Council’s executive director of place, said: “Since establishing these two companies we have learned a great deal about working and partnering in the commercial sector but, like any large organisation, we do need to regularly and rigorously assess and review the competitiveness of the services we commission.

“Faced with increasing financial pressure, the realignment of funding will help the council provide a more efficient and effective way of driving our economic development programme forwards.

“This new approach will improve our ability to unlock growth and create new regeneration opportunities right across the borough.”

Subject to a formal consultation with staff, the process of transferring services and staff back to the council under the economic development service will take place on 1 August 2019.