Working safely: COVID-19 guidance for businesses

Although legal restrictions have been lifted, businesses still have a legal duty to manage risks to those affected by their business, including that of COVID-19.

You must ensure that you have an up to date health and safety risk assessment, to include the risk of COVID-19 in your workplace, and take reasonable steps to mitigate the risks that are identified.

The government has produced a range of guides to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the workplace, including specific guidance for hospitality venues, retailers, close contact services, visitor attractions / events, offices and hotel / guest accommodation.

To help employers protect people in the workplace the Health & Safety Executive has also produced guidance on keeping workplaces safe, as COVID-19 restrictions are removed. Here you will find a range of information, including how to complete a risk assessment, ventilation, face coverings, cleaning and hygiene.

New posters for businesses to display to remind staff and customers of continuing Covid actions

We would like to remind businesses to remove any outdated Covid-secure posters they may still have on display. Updated workplace posters are available on the coronavirus resource centre to remind businesses and customers about the new workplace guidance and the behaviours that people should still adopt.

Collection of customer contact details regulations 2020

Although the Collection of Contact Details Regulations have now been revoked the policy remains in guidance. Businesses are encouraged to still display an NHS QR Code poster and request contact details from non-app users to support NHS Test & Trace.

The venue alerts system remains in place. This will advise attendees to book a test if they have visited a venue linked to a potential COVID-19 outbreak. These alerts do not require the recipient to self-isolate, and the venue is not named in the message. NHS Test and Trace can only continue to issue these important public health alerts where venues are cooperating.

More information is available at Maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace.

Good ventilation in the workplace can help reduce the spread of COVID-19

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has updated guidance to help councils and businesses identify poor ventilation in work areas and take practical steps to improve it as more people return to the workplace.

Alongside cleaning, hygiene and hand washing, good ventilation is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. As COVID-19 spreads through the air, the virus can build up in poorly ventilated areas, increasing the risk of infection. It is a legal requirement for employers to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air (ventilation) in enclosed areas of the workplace.

HSE has also made available a video setting out the key advice and examples of how businesses have improved ventilation to reduce COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.



See the video - HSE equipment and machinery - air conditioning & ventilation