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The following is an archive of questionnaires conducted with Influence Cheshire East - please note these questionnaires are not current and so should not be completed and returned to us. Some of these PDFs may not be accessible to visitors using assistive technology, if you require assistance:


Conducted June 2016, 53% response rate. Topics included: Perceptions of the Council; Satisfaction with Waste Collection Services; Satisfaction with public areas; Wellbeing and Exercise; Cheshire East Council’s Countryside Ranger Service; Assessing the impact of the Choose Well advertising campaign.

Conducted May 2015, 56% response rate. Topics included: Satisfaction with Highways Services; Reporting Highways Faults; Dementia Care in the Community; Town Centres in Cheshire East; Activities for Teenagers; Emergency Planning; Digital by Default; Cheshire East Council Consultations.

Conducted May 2014, 58% response rate. Topics included: Perceptions of the local area and the council; Value for money; Satisfaction with services; Feeling informed; Local decision making; Community safety and anti-social behaviour; "Best in the North West" - Leaflet evaluation; Contacting the council and planning applications; Paying for, and contacting the council about, Council Tax.

Conducted July 2013, 57% response rate. Topics included: Satisfaction with Highways Services; Cycling habits; Voting in local council elections; Awareness of local councillors; Perceptions of local town and parish councils; Local decision making; Perceptions of Cheshire East Council consultations; Volunteering; Emergency planning.

Conducted November 2012, 54% response rate. Topics included: Crime and anti social behaviour; Perceptions of the council; Drivers of satisfaction with the council; Satisfaction with the waste collection service; Internet access and digital exclusion; Contacting the council - Service expectations; Qualifications and skills.

Conducted May 2012, 64% response rate. Topics included: Libraries - Satisfaction with, usage of and future demand for; Satisfaction with the waste collection service; Food waste collection; Eating habits; Local air quality; Your end of life wishes; Job prospects and the economy; The "Stay warm, stay well, stay safe" campaign; Benefits - Making claims online.

Conducted November 2011, 71% response rate. Topics included: Your local town or village priorities; Perceptions of the council; Food waste collection; Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs); Exercise; Days out; Cheshire East News; Satisfaction with council contact; The Citizens Advice Bureau.

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