Household Waste Recycling Centre Consultation – Results feedback


Between November 2016 and January 2017, Cheshire East Council consulted on several possible options for the future of Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) provision within Cheshire East.

These options were developed during an independent review of the HWRC service, to ensure it was fit for purpose and up to industry best practice. These options were then consulted on as the service was expected, alongside most other council services, to make savings to its overall budget.

Consultation response and overall results

In total 7 local newspaper articles were written about the consultation, and 2,385 individual consultation responses were received, including:

  • 2,007 online survey responses
  • 326 paper survey responses
  • 51 email responses and 1 letter response
  • A number of social media postings relating to the consultation.

All responses were analysed once the consultation had closed, and were summarised in this report.

As a very brief summary of results, overall, a majority of respondents supported each of the 4 proposals within the council’s preferred option:

  • 60% supported the closure of Arclid HWRC, 28% objected to it
  • 55% supported the introduction of charges for disposal of rubble, 31% objected
  • 63% supported a reduction of opening hours at all sites, 25% objected
  • 68% supported opening sites to trade waste, 15% objected.

What happened next

The following are the key dates post consultation:


Consultation closes. 


Consultation report (PDF, 921KB) published.


The consultation report and recommendations were taken to Full Council for discussion (see the minutes here - see items no.88 and no.86 3 & 4).

Full council agreed to implement the proposals as laid out within the consultation material, with the exception of the closure of the Arclid HWRC.

A decision on whether to close this site was deferred, following representation from Sandbach Town Council, who requested time to investigate and suggest an alternative proposal for the site, which could then be considered.


Following the pause to discuss the Sandbach Town Council proposals it was concluded that there were no viable alternatives to closure and this was taken to Cabinet for discussion on July 12th 2017 (see the minutes here - see items 13 & 17. Also see the full cabinet paper here).

At this meeting it was resolved that Cabinet:

  1. Note the questions posed from Sandbach Town Council and the Council’s response (see full responses to these questions within the full cabinet paper)
  2. Having reviewed submissions from Sandbach Town Council, support the closure of Arclid Household Waste Recycling Centre from 30 September 2017; and
  3. Authorise the Corporate Manager for Waste and Environment Services, in consultation with the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Legal Services, to take the necessary actions to close the Arclid site.


Arclid HWRC closes, in-line with consultation proposals.


New opening hours for all HWRCs across Cheshire East introduced, in-line with  consultation proposals.


Acceptance of trade waste, and charges for rubble, to be introduced in all HWRCs across Cheshire East, in-line with consultation proposals.


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