Budget Engagement 2023


Cheshire East Council is inviting opinions and views from residents, businesses, councillors, staff, town and parish councils, local community groups and other stakeholders on the council’s budget for the next financial year.

Inflation, including fuel, energy, is running at around ten per cent currently, compared to a national target of two per cent. Pay inflation is also significantly higher than forecasts, and interest rates have risen from 0.5 per cent in February 2022 to three per cent. In addition, like other councils across the country, Cheshire East Council is seeing increasing complexity of demand in services to support people who need additional help. More than 60 per cent of the council’s net budget is spent on these services for adults and children.

The draft financial strategy includes a number of proposals to re-balance the council’s budget in the face of these significantly increased costs and demand on services. This includes a 4.99 per cent council tax increase.

Other proposals affecting day-to-day services include changes to garden waste collection, maintenance of green spaces, parking charging, leisure provision, library opening times and proposals for how the council, with its partners, can improve care for adults at home and services for children and young people.

The proposals show a balanced four-year budget to deliver the council’s corporate plan priorities. It also outlines significant financial challenges that the council must tackle over the next year.

The budget for 2023/24, as part of the council’s four-year financial strategy, will be set at a public meeting of Full Council on 22 February 2023.

The public consultation survey will be open for responses until 30 January 2023.

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  • Colin Hewitt
    1. 07 January 2023 at 12:38PM, Colin Hewitt wrote

    My main concern is for the Library proposals. People who are working and commuting will be only able to use the library on Saturday mornings, please keep them open on Saturdays. Also some widowed gentlemen also visit the library as a social group and read the newspapers, this is the only contact they have outside their homes. Also the book fund is a key part of the library service and should be maintained at its current level as a high proportion of the books in the library are showing wear and tear ravages.

  • Julian Tame
    2. 07 January 2023 at 5:09PM, wrote


    Why in Congleton do we pay the highest council tax in Cheshire? We pay more than Wilmslow, Prestbery, Macc and lots more. We live in a modest 3 bed bungalow not a mansion yet we are paying mansion rates. Over £2000. We need a 5% reduction and certainly no increase. Don't even think about cutting bins, or charging for them, we are all ready of paying handsomely for them. We are fed up of sitting in our home being bleed more and more by Cheshire East.


    Julian. Diana. Tame

  • Nina Bloomfield
    3. 07 January 2023 at 7:28PM, Nina Bloomfield wrote

    My son is 3. We like to visit the library in knutsford on a Saturday. Sometimes this is the only day his Dad can come too, it would be a shame if it were to close on Saturday.

  • Poonam
    4. 08 January 2023 at 1:23PM, Poonam wrote

    We are really sad to hear the shortening the opening times of the library. I have 2 young kids who enjoy coming to the library either to read, excited to take new books home and getting involved in the activities. We mostly visit after school or on weekends. We would rather it stay open longer than shorter. I know a lot of friends of Knutsford feel the same!!

  • Doug
    5. 08 January 2023 at 8:53PM, Doug wrote

    In these hard times the council shouldn't be cutting costs, rather it should be spending.

    Supporting communities with good services and clean green spaces for everyone to enjoy .

  • Brock
    6. 09 January 2023 at 7:41AM, Brock wrote

    Why are we using council tax to pay the top Cheshire East bosses 30%-40% pension contributions? Do they really need that much if we are also paying them far over 100k in base salary? If you're looking for places to cut I would start there, stop cutting our services and charging us more at the same time.

    Source: See Knutsford Guardian article dated 8 April 2022 titled "Four of Cheshire East Council's top officers earning more than £100,000" (original link to article removed)

  • Middlewich resident
    7. 09 January 2023 at 8:50AM, Middlewich resident wrote

    The move to then have to put food waste in blacks bins ( due to charging for green waste) is a huge backward step for a council that aims to be environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

    This will just increase fly tipping, which is something that cannot be controlled or traced.

  • Terry Crosswell
    8. 09 January 2023 at 12:39PM, Terry Crosswell wrote

    I would like the library to stay open on Saturday mornings. Some people can not get there during the week. It also provides a 'warm place' for vulnerable people.

  • Glennis Wilkes
    9. 09 January 2023 at 2:41PM, Glennis Wilkes wrote

    Regarding libraries think there have already been enough cuts to this service as well as lending materials acts as a community hub where few exist.

  • Alan Lindsay
    10. 09 January 2023 at 8:53PM, Alan Lindsay wrote

    I'm very concerned about the proposed cuts to the library service. Libraries are at the heart of every community and are a very important resource for families and older people. Closing on Saturdays would deprive many working people of this resource. The libraries also perform a role as warm spaces - closing warm spaces at this time doesn't make sense. The book budget has been reduced gradually over many years - this needs to be reversed not accelerated as these proposals seem to indicate.

  • Laura Turner
    11. 10 January 2023 at 6:13AM, Laura Turner wrote

    The formula seems pretty simple to me.

    Nationally stop energy and fuel companies earning as much profit which stops the inflation on public spending.

    1. Pay awards 5%

    2. Rise in all transport costs

    3. Adult care buildings and running costs

    These are the three largest spend inflations in our budget. As well as the public feeling it in the council tax they also feel it personally.

    How can the government ask the public to pay higher costs in these areas for

    The council

    The police

    The fire service

    The precept

    The NHS


    That is truely unacceptable.

    CE says it’s investing in energy efficiency but what financial savings have we seen from that? Has the savings outweighed the costs? Where is being positively impacted?

    On a more operational level.

    Libraries must be open after school in the week and on Saturdays. Libraries are now becoming hubs of the community and warm hubs please choose opening hours wisely here.

    You can’t charge for any parking until town vitality plans are completed. People won’t go to dead towns already so your forecast income may not be a good way of generating income.

    Have a dedicated team put in place to generate income via other methods than just increasing council tax. Bids, grants, donations, business sponsorships.

    Redistribute ANSA and waste site profits and redistribute so no charges are put onto the public for bins.

    You are currently failing the children in Cheshire with your poor and over worked social services and SEND teams.

    DO NOT invest anymore money into B4B.

    Is all the rise in cost to adult care attached to inflation? If so go to my first point. If not the public need a full evidences spending review to provide more detailed feedback on this service area than given in the MTFP.

    You sincerely cannot maintain or reduce the highways budget you need to review how you prioritise and schedule works and do a thorough job first time so you are not fixing problems poorly several times over which is wasting thousands.

    With highways CEC need to look at the quality of their service and products provided this will over time save money.

    You have reduced the public transport timetable so much, you have increased the cost of service and the service that we should have has been so poor, buses not turning up or being on time, or based on public need. Public transport in Cheshire east is practically extinct as it’s now classed as an unreliable and impractical service by a lot of the public. How do you plan to change this? Fuel costs see above.

    You are paying high cost taxi services for school transport, how can you do this more efficiently? What are your options?

    Your bad debt pot is massive and with the current financial climate this needs to managed intensively. All public services are seeing drops in income. There is no point asking for income if it unrealistic to charge it in the first place. Schools are asking for donations and are seeing 50% drops in income how are you going to manage potential losses of upto 50%. You can’t take us to jail if we can’t afford it?

    How are you going to manage homelessness as it is due to increase. Is that in the adult care budget?

    There is a national financial crisis on your hands - Only the government can sort it. Start by tackling the the first three points I have made and it will be better on us all.

    Review all your formulas and procedures and ensure you are using upto date statistics in them. Poor decisions are being made on poor information at the moment which is wasting money.

    You need to in crease financial efficiency in capital projects.

    Planning department needs investment but redistribute staff where you can.

    I could go on and on but don’t have space.

    Good luck CE we will be waiting for changes.

  • Janet Rodwell
    12. 10 January 2023 at 9:47AM, Janet Rodwell wrote

    The Library in Alsager is a hub of the community, as it caters for all ages and needs. Its not just for borrowing books but its rooms are let out to various groups who provide invaluable support and relief to the general public i.e. The Dementia Cafe; the Cheshire East Carers Coffee and chat, as well as various classes and events organised by the library for young aged members to elderly. Also it provides a link between general public and Cheshire East regarding bus passes and blue badge applications etc. Its staffed by excellent individuals who always go over and above in their goal to satisfy customers. There is always a warm welcome and smiling face to greet you and at this time of such despair and sadness in the world it is an important resource for the general public to use and enjoy. Its working hours should continue at their current level.

  • chris
    13. 10 January 2023 at 11:25AM, chris wrote

    I am concerned about the potential loss of the mobile library service. Residents in more rural areas see very little of their money spent in their area so this is one service which is visible and used regularly by myself and family. People above talk about the impact of Saturday closures on their library use how would they feel if the access to library service is withdrawn completely. I have in the past walked the over a mile to the bus stop to catch the bus to Nantwich but carrying books is heavy and not practical using intermittent and often unreliable public transport

    the mobile library also allows some social meeting to occur in rural communities which often lack any space for such meetings to happen in

    Don't cut the library service but do please reduce councillors allowances significantly ( and you may well see who is really interested in serving their local community)

  • Dan Carter
    14. 10 January 2023 at 4:15PM, Dan Carter wrote

    I'm not sure where the Council thinks residents can find this extra money, every year Cheshire East increases the council tax by a higher percentage than wages increase, at some point something has to break, this is completely unsustainable. People are already struggling to pay extremely high Council Tax bills.

    Looking at the service we get from Cheshire East Council this is just becoming even worse and worse value for money.

    This proposed Council Tax rise will push even more people into poverty and misery, is this what Cheshire East Council is trying to achieve?

    Charging for garden waste collection, and as a result forcing people to put food waste back in their black bins is such a massive backwards step. I thought Cheshire East were aiming to increase recycling rates and reduce everybodys environmental impact. Such a bad idea.

  • Hazel Jones
    15. 10 January 2023 at 5:50PM, Hazel Jones wrote

    We are regular users of our local library and we have just been helped by a wonderful librarian with my son's history project. We used the local archives and information which are provided in this branch of library only. He is only able to go on a Tuesday evening as he has school and after school club and would therefore miss every night apart from a Tuesday. In my opinion it is imperative that library opening hours are considered with people in mind who may not be able to go go on Monday to Friday 9 till 5.

  • Susan
    16. 10 January 2023 at 6:11PM, Susan wrote

    Why cut budgets for green spaces and parks . These provide vital areas for the wellbeing of people after the awful pandemic years . Surely there are other areas to balance the books.

  • Kate
    17. 10 January 2023 at 7:27PM, Kate wrote

    I am in agreement with many others regarding library opening times. We use Sandbach library mostly which is always a hive of activity, valued by so many. Please consider families with children who visit after school and on Saturday mornings.

  • Derek Ainsworth
    18. 11 January 2023 at 8:21AM, Derek Ainsworth wrote

    The state of our roads and footpaths are in need of huge investment to bring them back to a reasonable standard. I am against any level of budget cuts to the highways budget as we need good roads to support the business across the area. Our elderly residents deserve good standard of footways to ensure they are safe to walk to the local shops.

    I would support the turning off of alternate street lights on the main roads but not in residential areas.

  • Emma Udi
    19. 11 January 2023 at 11:32AM, Emma Udi wrote

    Cuts to library services are preposterous. The councils are spending a fortune on heating spaces like Congleton town hall, (which is rarely used). Would rather see closure of the town hall than any cuts to library services.

  • Lyn Hughes
    20. 11 January 2023 at 11:34AM, Lyn Hughes wrote

    You are asking us to pay more for a reduced service and punishing all those on reduced incomes who are already finding it difficult to manage. People simply can't pay if they don't have the money...

    Perhaps you could begin 'at home' by leasing some of the expensive excess space in the council offices you have gained by new working practices?

    Putting up business rates will deter new enterprise. Surely the opposite should happen to encourage new business into all our high streets, which are dying one by one.

    Libraries are essential to the communities and there should be no restrictions on hours.

    One bus per hour would be OK if said bus turned up on time. Last time I used a bus it was almost an hour late. I expect many of us would use the buses more frequently if this was not the case. Very bad for the environment when its easier for us to jump in our cars.

    I would support the turning off of some street lighting but the state of the pavements here in Middlewich (especially some where tree roots are a daylight hazard) would make walking at night even more dangerous.

    The roads are disgraceful too - constant patching instead of proper repairs must surely be more costly. Also, there is no joined up approach to services and telecoms digging up bits of road/pavement and leaving a poor patch behind.

    School transport has ever been contentious. I know from previously working in the education system that children are transported from one end of CE to the other. There needs to be a root and branch change so that SN children are catered for nearer to their home location. Alternatively, a bus should be provided for multiple pick-ups instead of individual taxis.

    Charging more for bins will be an environmental disaster and people will just not bother to recycle.

    Frankly, the whole situation surrounding Council Tax increases comes over as one big con. Where do we see the benefit; where are the extra services? Annual increases with nothing to show and a great big debt which never seems to clear and is always someone else's fault.

  • Andrew
    21. 11 January 2023 at 2:04PM, Andrew wrote

    I would like to express my concern at the proposals to reduce library opening hours in Cheshire East.

    Cheshire East Libraries are a vital part of the local community offering free services and advice to all residents, regardless of age, from groups for babies/toddlers, children and adults.

    There is access to free advice and support such as assisting with DBS checks, bus pass and Blue Badge applications etc, there is access to computers, scanners and photocopiers and obviously an extensive range of books in various formats.

    Libraries also provide warm, welcoming spaces for residents and hubs for local organisations and groups.

    Everyone can visit their local library, an inclusive environment with no expectation or pressure to spend money.

    This is so important, especially in the current times we are living in, and I believe any reduction in services and times residents are able to access libraries would be detrimental and a retrograde step, especially with pressures on residents in all aspects of their lives at this time.

    Cheshire East Libraries offer advice, support and knowledge and contribute to the wellbeing of residents, and these services should not be reduced.

  • Anonymous
    22. 11 January 2023 at 2:05PM, Anonymous wrote

    the tytherington bus service at the moment is very poor and hardly anyone uses now. Sometimes the bus does not turn up. In stoke on trent the buses run every 10 mins and the buses are full. I have not used the library for years, and maybe costs should be increased to those who do use it, however cuts to some late night openings might be better than being closed on a saturday. Also dig into reserve cash to partly offset the ctax increase. At the end of the day if the ctax has to be increased in order to keep these services running then so be it.

  • Cheshire East resident
    23. 11 January 2023 at 2:15PM, Cheshire East resident wrote

    Libraries are one of the very few places where you are not expected to spend money. On the occasion that there is a cost involved in any library activities, the majority of the time it is a voluntary donation to cover the costs of drinks, materials and the course itself.

    Along with choosing from a huge range of books, I could go to the library with my child for a singing group, use a library computer and scanner, apply for a bus pass, attend groups for adults, and access online audio books, all for free.

    Libraries are a vital and welcoming resource for all Cheshire East residents – I would be extremely disappointed were this service to be reduced.

  • Anonymous
    24. 11 January 2023 at 4:45PM, Anonymous wrote

    Notwithstanding the important public services provided through CEC, the need for cost constraint in public services and businesses in order to break the cycle of inflation, is so important.

    Therefore, whilst services should be protected as far as reasonably possible, the input costs including material, labour and capital all need another thorough looking at and further efficiency savings identified to achieve a neutral cost position for 2023/24, with one off costs paid out of reserves.

  • Peter Attwell
    25. 11 January 2023 at 6:12PM, Peter Attwell wrote

    I strongly object to the proposal to charge for green bin collections.

    This is about the only Council service I use and now I will have to pay.

    Instead I will bag up my garden waste and drive to the nearest Waste Disposal site. This enforced extra car use will do nothing for air quality or climate change. Does CEC really care, probably not.

  • Izzy B
    26. 11 January 2023 at 8:19PM, Izzy B wrote

    I understand that you, like everyone, need to save money, but reducing library services seems counter intuitive to me. I have relied on them throughout my life, they are so much more than just books, even for those who don't use them they provide the greatest value for money in my opinion, they are face to face (when so few other council services are) Whenever I visit my library in Macclesfield on a Saturday morning I see hundreds of people pass through, I've often wished they were open on a Sunday too.A thriving society needs access to knowledge and culture, and a strong community needs access to an excellent library service. We need to face the current difficulties together and a library is the one place that helps us do that, no matter what our personal financial circumstance, it is the one place you can be guaranteed to be greeted warmly, listened to and offered help, whether you need a book, assistance with council business, or are in crisis, they also have an amazing offering for children and young families, I attend yoga and adult education classes there. It ticks all the boxes for health, wealth and wellbeing. I agree with others here that charging for Green Bin removal etc will only encourage fly tipping. Hard choices ahead, and I wish you fortitude in the decision making process, and leave you with this: Plato says a good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers. Please think long term, instead of short term gain.

  • Tom
    27. 12 January 2023 at 9:16AM, Tom wrote

    The proposed cuts to the CE Library service would have a detrimental effect on our communities. Libraries provide beneficial services to residents from cradle to grave and we should be investing in our libraries at this crucial time rather than cutting back. With positive initiatives such as Rhyme Times & Story Times in all libraries helping with early language development to informal learning opportunities such as IT computer help sessions and job clubs, equipping people with new skills to improve their lives, libraries are the street corner universities. Let’s not forget the good that libraries do for mental health with a wealth of self-help books and reading for pleasure as well as being warm spaces for those that cannot afford to heat their own homes - If they have one! There are also a wealth of clubs and events in the libraries, such as craft and art clubs as well as creative writing a shared reading groups to name just a few. Cheshire East, please go easy on libraries and invest rather than cut!

  • Peter
    28. 12 January 2023 at 9:25AM, Peter wrote

    We moved from Oxfordshire a few years ago and are paying much higher council tax for a three bed house in Cheshire than we did for a four bed in Oxfordshire! There is no effective review process for those (E.g, pensioners) to apply for reductions. The only service we get are bin collections as we have no street lights, pavements and the roads are a mess. CE would be better paying for proper road repairs rather than having to return to the same locations time after time.

  • Peter
    29. 12 January 2023 at 9:49AM, Peter wrote

    The introduction of a green bin collection fee is simply a stealthy method of increasing council tax. I strongly oppose this and would like to see a least some value for the extortionate levels for tax we already pay!

    It will only lead to even more fly tipping which the council ends up paying to collect.

  • Janet
    30. 12 January 2023 at 1:23PM, Janet wrote

    You have reduced the public transport timetable so much, you have increased the cost of service and the service that we should have has been so poor, buses not turning up or being on time and reduced to 1 an hour which in the handforth area stops running at 5pm .

    Public transport is the life line for many elderly residents plus for all those who don't drive but need the terrible public service for work . If we can't get to work we can't pay our ever increasing bills including council tax.

    We already pay for our green bins to be emptied which includes food waste so will we get a reduction if we decide to take our own rubbish to the tip. Putting food in the black bin is going backwards. I thought we were trying to protect the environment not dump as much as possible into the ground. The Environment Act 2021 states that food waste must be collected separately from other household waste. Food waste itself must be collected at least once a week !

  • Knutsford resident
    31. 12 January 2023 at 1:47PM, Knutsford resident wrote

    CE is consulting about the closure of the Stanley Centre in Knutsford. This would be another precious local service lost to the town. Where will the people currently using the Centre be offered a place? How much time will be spent in unproductive travel; this does not seem to accord with the Council’s green policies?

    Why is Bexton Court sitting empty after it’s closure in 2010 and requiring annual spending to maintain the building? The sale or rental of this building could provide funds that CE apparently need.

  • Susan Dean
    32. 12 January 2023 at 3:28PM, Susan Dean wrote

    I support the library closing on a Saturday and one day per week. But what will happen to a creative writing group I attend once a month in the evening? I think losing the mobile library would be a shame for those who can not get out. Bus services are also a point for question particularly Crewe to Nantwich where there is a very erracticlate night service which affects me for attending Nantwich Players.

  • Michael Harding
    33. 12 January 2023 at 5:43PM, Michael Harding wrote

    I do not agree with the proposals about waste collection. Making the green bin a subscription service will just encourage people to fly-tip their garden waste. Also, putting food waste in the black bin is a retrograde step - we are supposed to be reducing what we send to land fill, not increasing it. At the moment the contents of the green bins are turned into compost; do you not sell this?

    While I do not particularly want to pay more council tax, I support the 5% increase. If we want to maintain services at their present level we have to make up for the lack of any support from central government somehow. We have no other choice.

  • Anon
    34. 12 January 2023 at 5:46PM, Anon wrote

    If the mobile library were to be cancelled It would be quite a loss to those who live in the rural areas, the older residents in particular.

    We have already lost many services despite an increase in Council tax of 50% over recent years

  • J
    35. 12 January 2023 at 5:58PM, J wrote

    The Library in Crewe is a central hub for many people. It is not just a Library! It provides a warm and safe space for anyone that needs it. There is a lot more than Library Books in todays Libraries, which also provide book deliveries for Care Homes, Sheltered Accommodation, and other people, that for various reasons cannot visit the Library themselves. The hard working and multi Trained staff deal with numerous tasks, signposting customers to their required services where they can get the help that they need...from safeguarding to Citizens Advice & Emergency Housing/Shelter/Foodetc. They also deal with Blue Badges, Bus Passes, Railcards, Benefit Scans, Cheshire Home Choice, Parking Fines, Alley Gate Keys, Photocopying, Printing and much much more. The Library also provides a Work Club, IT tuition, members can also access free public computer use. There are also lots of groups and activities for all ages, most of which are free , and many of which help with stress and loneliness ( which can take many forms ) and these groups can help to build confidence and friendships for both young and old. To close Libraries at 5pm, or on a Saturday is not very family or worker friendly, as this is, for many, the only time that these groups of people can get into their Library. IF ANY reduction in hours is needed AT ALL, wouldn't it be a better option to open a little later ? Please Think carefully about the wider services provided for many different people by today's Library Service . We NEED our Libraries now more than ever.

  • Luisa Bryceland
    36. 12 January 2023 at 7:02PM, Luisa Bryceland wrote

    Poynton Library is very well used by local residents and considering how much Council Tax we all pay, I think the opening hours should remain the same.

  • Mildred Ross
    37. 13 January 2023 at 8:58AM, Mildred Ross wrote

    I understand that the following are under consideration and have appended my comment. The actual document is too lengthy and detailed for most residents to study or comment on effectively. It would have been good to have an executive summary.

    A few things proposed are:

    🚨 cutting back Adult social care - vulnerable adults need to be supported properly, and the service has already seen cuts so I don’t support this at all. Better use of resources if possible.

    🚨 only opening libraries a few days a week and not on weekends (not usable for school kids/working families) - open libraries a little later in the mornings but do not cut evening or Saturday morning hours for those who work or those who want to bring their children. They are also safe, warm spaces which do not involve spending money at the time you use them. Very important through the winters to come.

    🚨 Reducing buses - isn’t this already being done? I don’t currently use buses but an effective, reliable and low-cost public transport system is vital to get cars off our roads.

    🚨Cutting highways budgets - the roads and pavements are already in a poor state of repair, this needs more funding for pet ant repairs rather than the patching approach. As a pedestrian, I am very disappointed in the state of the uneven pavements, and the gulley clearing which results in those on foot getting soaked by passing traffic.

    🚨 raising income by charging for green waste collection - extra green bins are already being charged for. If you charge for the standard collection, more green waste will be put in the black bins, or residents will have to drive to the tips more (and there are fewer of them now) with an impact on the environment. What happened to the funds that were being saved by centralising to waste collection depot? That lost other areas jobs but was supposed to be efficient and free up resources.

    Lastly, Corporate Policy Committee. This is down as a demand-led service but I don’t fully understand what they do or who is demanding it. In any case, the budget seems huge and increasing and I suspect it could stand some cuts,

  • Emma
    38. 13 January 2023 at 9:25AM, Emma wrote

    Please look at the way you are investing in Adults and Childrens Services with closer

    To avoid and delay paying for identified provision that could cost less for children and young people. Cheshire East are paying large amounts in wages and time, forcing families into mediation and tribunal. Large amounts are being paid in tribunal officers wages alone and have been over many years.

    There are not enough social workers and reduced access is a huge issue. Lack of knowlege of understanding some legal rights is a huge issue as again this adds to the need for residents in Cheshire East to fight.

    Currently there is a wait of around six months for access to care provision for those in the community. This is an unacceptable wait for vulnerable residents.

    The way the Local Authority has targeted focus onto the social care spending concerns me.

    I have an interest in how often my bin is emptied like many residents however I think the health, education and welfare of Cheshire East residents (Adults and Children) needs to remain a priority.

    This is an area where the budget could be looked at to ensure the money is being used in the most effective way.

  • Geraldine Johnson
    39. 13 January 2023 at 1:02PM, Geraldine Johnson wrote

    I understand that you are planning to reduce the library service. Please think seriously about this proposal- Poynton is a very busy and well supported library service. To reduce the service, both in terms of opening hours and level of new book funding would be a detrimental move for the village.

  • Jacqueline Hadfield
    40. 13 January 2023 at 1:59PM, Jacqueline Hadfield wrote

    I really don't want our current green spaces to become neglected, they are important for all the community. Can these green spaces not be offered for more events to be held which would generate income and bring more people into the area. I also would like to see buildings in the town centre used rather than taking shops and businesses out of town....that really doesn't make any sense to me. I guess the powers that be have their reasons, I would like to know what they are. Also the green bin issue...that completely baffles me, we are recycling food waste, which is good and an idea decided by the council at a cost.... the recyling bins we were all asked to use and all that went with it was expensive now they want to charge for the privilege of emptying those bins. Do the council not realise that fly-tipping will become an even bigger issue than it already is? There is no easy answer to raising money and/or cutting costs but the people at the top, being paid £100k+ salaries should be seen to be getting their heads together rather than issuing instructions for cost cutting.

  • J
    41. 13 January 2023 at 3:19PM, J wrote

    I really feel sad that libraries have even got a mention in this cost cutting too be honest. How can a place which has so much public activity and involvement be reduced? It totally baffles me. I am aware they provide so much more than just books such as sessions for children, craft and games sessions for adults, use of public computers, IT lessons, ...the list goes on and on. I understand if they have to close an hour earlier on weekdays (or open an hour later) then I feel this would be acceptable but I feel to lose Saturday mornings would be dreadful for families who work all week and rely on libraries being open Saturdays for some free family time together.

  • Gary Rycroft
    42. 14 January 2023 at 10:47AM, Gary Rycroft wrote

    I use the library each day to look for with others and I also use the library to promote my hobbies and when I work I need the library to bolster my programmatic anchor ( Invigilate of polythetic ) 40 Hrs a week = Platform. Rgrds

  • Liz
    43. 14 January 2023 at 4:06PM, Liz wrote

    The reduction in library funding would have a detrimental impact on the residents of Alsager. I work at one of the local primary schools and all classes visit the library regularly. The children learn what they can access at the library-books, dvd’s, computers etc. These are essential for the children’s education as not all families have the means to purchase books or have access to the internet at home. The children also learn about their local history accessing maps and books about Alsager. The children very often attend the many clubs that the library hold. The Summer Reading Challenge is also very well attended by all year groups and children return to school in September proud of their certificates, medals and how many books they have read often sharing their achievements in class and whole school assemblies.On a personal note myself and my family are regulars at the library and enjoy improving our knowledge by means of the books we borrow.

    Cutting funding will be detrimental to all Alsager residents both young and old.

  • John
    44. 14 January 2023 at 5:03PM, John wrote

    Libraries are the hubs of the community and offer far more the books, it is essential they remain open outside of school and work hours. They are ‘the face of the council’ for many and do a lot to balance out the often negative view.

    Parking charges must reflect individual towns circumstances and not result in killing off the smaller towns by encouraging residents to out of town retail parks with free parking.

    To reduce highway budgets would be madness. Proper programmed maintenance must be a priority to save money in the long run rather than repeat short term patching resulting in expense and danger to road users.

    Introducing charges for green/brown bin collection is a stealth tax (other authorities may already do it but two wrongs don’t make a right).

    Placing food waste in the black bin is a retrograde step.

    Both these things will probable result reduced recycling, travelling to tips or fly tipping. All having a negative effect on the environment.

    I appreciate the 4.99% council tax increase is limited by the government but It only goes to prove a low tax economy results in either reduced services additional charges or both.

  • Margaret Hunter
    45. 14 January 2023 at 7:36PM, Margaret Hunter wrote

    Heart broken to see library services to be thought of as being unnecessary on a Saturday when that must be their busiest time! I am now 67 and have spent a life time popping in to libraries! Librarian's are not just the giver out of books they are a mine of information plus being the most welcoming, kind, people! My parents spent a lot of their time enjoying going to a library! A library was the first place I was allowed to go by myself! It is a lovely place to visit with my grandchildren!

  • Camilla Legh
    46. 14 January 2023 at 7:51PM, Camilla Legh wrote

    Concern for the reduction in library hours both weekdays and Saturdays. Libraries are an essential part of the community and provide services for both young and old.

  • Charles Leveson
    47. 14 January 2023 at 8:19PM, Charles Leveson wrote

    The Poynton - Stockport bus service which I used for Stepping Hill Hospital and SpecSaver visits has been so reduce that I no longer use it. We have an excellent library service here in Poynton, please don't cut that as well.

  • A Robinson
    48. 14 January 2023 at 8:32PM, A Robinson wrote

    Our libraries (specifically in my case, Disley Library) are a superb resource for adults as well as children. During COVID, the library provided an amazing book collection service to help keep me and my children sane. In more normal times, the educational value of the library to my family cannot be overstated and it is one of the few places where kids, families and others in the community can gather to take part in the various activities and benefit from the services provided. Most importantly, it provides my children with almost unlimited opportunities to learn and explore through books. It is important that the library continues to remain open at least as much as it currently is so that people can continue to benefit from the wonderful and vital service it provides.

  • Linda West
    49. 15 January 2023 at 10:53AM, Linda West wrote

    Bollington library is an invaluable resource with superlatively helpful staff to everyone in the community. I use it particularly late Tuesdays for the excellently managed library book group and also on Saturday mornings. L. West.

  • Josephine
    50. 15 January 2023 at 6:31PM, Josephine wrote

    Macclesfield library is about more than just borrowing books, although the access to a world of information and imagination via a book is invaluable.

    It is also a community hub, provides a lifeline to a vast number of people from many walks of life and numerous different services.

    Not everyone can make it in during the week due to work etc. so to end the Saturday hours is to penalise those who have other commitments. I also think that by combining the library with the Town Hall it will limit the amount of services it can provide due to space limitations and will also make it easier for the council to slowly close services under the radar.

    I am quite sure there are plenty of other 'expenses' within the council's budgets that are unnecessary and can be addressed. A functioning Library service is NOT one of them.

  • M Torres
    51. 15 January 2023 at 6:44PM, M Torres wrote

    The reduction in library hours both on weekdays and Saturdays is a real concern. They are an essential part of the local community and provide an essential service.

  • Andy Hard
    52. 15 January 2023 at 7:52PM, Andy Hard wrote

    Any reduction in library funding and open-hours would be very detrimental to families. If both parents work full-time, the only opportunity to visit a library is on a Saturday.

    Making people pay for green bin collections seems contrary to any desire to do better for the environment by composting food and garden waste as it will simply lead to more compost able material in black bins.

    A 5% increase in council tax is lower than the current rate of inflation, though probably higher than the rate of most wage increases. However, if that is what is needed to maintain service levels, then I would be happy to pay.

  • Claire Risley
    53. 15 January 2023 at 8:19PM, Claire Risley wrote

    Please don't close the library on Saturday. This is the only time children of working families can access it.

  • Anon
    54. 15 January 2023 at 10:17PM, Anon wrote

    Alsager Library is a hub of the community and the only warm space for some. It is the only source of reading material for some and its loss or reduction in service will impact on the health and education of the community.

  • Denise H
    55. 16 January 2023 at 8:52AM, Denise H wrote

    I think it would be a dreadful shame to cut Saturday opening of libraries as it is the time parents or grandparents can take children there in term time. Surely shorter hours on other days would be better if the service really has to be cut.

    With regard to charging for green bins, well so be it, but what about the food waste collection? Anyone with a small or no garden certainly won’t pay for a green bin so more will go in the black bin again. A 15 mile round trip to the local tip with the cost of fuel is definitely it going to happen.

  • Gerry
    56. 16 January 2023 at 9:36AM, Gerry wrote

    Concerning the library, rather than reducing hours perhaps charges could be increased. For example to reserve a book it is £1, I do not think people would object if this was increased slightly.

  • Tracey jones
    57. 16 January 2023 at 11:05AM, Tracey jones wrote

    We need our library in Crewe to stay open has it has vital resource and also good for community all elderly people come to this library for friendly atmosphere and also for a place to communicate we would be devastated it thus closed also needs more funding all staff work hard and are very friendly

  • David OSullivan
    58. 16 January 2023 at 11:34AM, David OSullivan wrote

    I don’t agree with relocating the Macclesfield library or reducing opening hours especially on a Saturday. I would like the council to maintain this essential community service in its current location.

    I feel it’s important the council recognises how Macclesfield library supports the local community, it provides a hub and safe haven for learning and studying. A place where people can connect, use the internet and more importantly talk to friendly staff when you just need someone.

    Macclesfield library is a great building and provides access not only to books but lots of activities and groups like the writing group and yoga.

    All things considered, libraries play a fundamental role in society.


  • Bill Pilkington
    59. 16 January 2023 at 1:04PM, Bill Pilkington wrote

    I am extremely concerned to read of your 2023/4 budget proposals to reduce highway maintenance, cut back in maintaining green spaces, cut back in public transport and libraries and the proposed introduction of a charge for garden waste collection.

    If Cheshire East Council are unable to maintain the above services how did they manage to afford the £1.6 million alterations to Castle Street in Macclesfield? How many similar projects are being carried out at the expense of properly maintaining our roads and providing reliable public transport?

    If Cheshire East Council is so short of cash then I would prefer the money to be spent on what is needed and if not then perhaps we need different Councillors who will.

  • Anonymous
    60. 16 January 2023 at 1:08PM, Anonymous wrote

    In this horrendous cost of living crisis i cant believe Cheshire East have put our council tax up 5%!! We are barely coping as it is as it is as our wages haven't gone up in line with inflation. That extra 5% will mean we can't afford the little food or heating we do use which isn't much. How are we supposed to cope??

  • Joanne
    61. 16 January 2023 at 2:06PM, Joanne wrote

    Fill more potholes and improve the footpaths in our towns. It has been far too long that our roads have seen a decent amount of money spent on them. turning off every other street light will have no impact but will half the energy bill.

  • Angela Munslow
    62. 16 January 2023 at 4:50PM, Angela Munslow wrote

    The library in Alsager is in a prominent position in the village and is well used for all kinds of activities both educational , cultural and physical so it would be a great loss if it was curtailed.

    Also the pavements and roads are in such a bad condition that they are dangerous to the elderley and handicapped.

  • Marilyn Body
    63. 16 January 2023 at 4:58PM, Marilyn Body wrote

    Saturday openings are important for libraries to enable working people and parents with younger children to visit.

    Car parking charges should be avoided as these would just be another nail in the coffin for retail in our town centres.

  • Pamela Lynch
    64. 16 January 2023 at 6:13PM, Pamela Lynch wrote

    With the large amount of new houses being built in Sandbach you would think that the council tax revenue would be enormous and that the services the council provide would improve, but alas no. We shouldn’t have to pay more for our bins to emptied. We recycle more and so the black bin rarely gets filled, so once a month may be ok for that one to be emptied but the food waste one and garden waste should be emptied as normal without charge because they get composted? Surely there is a revenue from that?Also libraries are the hub of a community and are needed more now than ever for the well-being and education of all ages.

  • Jessica Billington
    65. 16 January 2023 at 7:27PM, Jessica Billington wrote

    As a family with two young children Wilmslow library is central to our daily life. Reducing hours so that we could not use the library after school hours and/or at weekends would be hugely detrimental. Every time we visit we see other families and friends using the library and it is an invaluable community hub. We use their superb baby and toddler classes to socialise our children, we borrow books to establish reading habits for the children and obtain information and resources for ourselves, and we benefit from the expertise of the excellent library staff. The library is also a warm place, much needed by many residents at the moment. Residents of all ages clearly rely on the library and a reduction in opening hours would be a poor reflection on the council's attitude to what should be a cherished institution at the heart of community life.

  • Sue Hill
    66. 16 January 2023 at 8:27PM, Sue Hill wrote

    I feel very strongly that the library is vitally important to the Macclesfield community.It is always well used by the full range of the town from toddlers to the elderly .Changing the opening times would fail to accommodate the people who work full time.

  • Ann
    67. 16 January 2023 at 8:33PM, Ann wrote

    Libraries are so important! Not least they provide one of the "Warm Places" that the council is so keen to boast about.

    My local library is Congleton, it's brilliant, the staff go above and beyond.There are so many lonely people that use Congleton on a daily basis, reading the newspapers, completing the jigsaws, it is simply a warm welcoming place and without doubt has helped some of these people with their mental health.

    The library also offers many activities, not least being the weekly Storytime and Rhymetime sessions very well attended and again a lifeline for a "new" mother who can attend with her baby and chat to other mums, again looking after the mental health of the community.

    Libraries provide courses and one to one tuition on computer skills.

    Libraries cater for all the community, there are Spoken word books for the partially sighted, foreign language books, books specifically for the autistic child, large print books for the partially sighted. All of which encourage inclusion.

    Libraries aren't just about books, they're about people. I this economic climate, they shouldn't be losing hours, having their budgets cut. They should be treasured for the amazing service they provide to their community. In this day and age when councils state that they want to support communities, boost health and wellbeing and reduce health and other avoidable inequalities then reducing the library budget is hardly supporting their 'Priorities!'

  • Michael
    68. 17 January 2023 at 9:37AM, Michael wrote

    I sincerely hope the comments already posted on here are taken on board and carefully considered before any decisions are made.

    Its absolutely ludicrous that libraries are facing such cuts, they are an amazing service and have such dedicated and professional staff.

    Please consider other savings and leave libraries as they are

  • Anonymous
    69. 17 January 2023 at 10:47AM, Anonymous wrote

    My previous LA brought in green bin charges - they then got voted out so crack on if you wish. What's depressing is you, the LA's, lecture about recycling, bring in multiple bins where people engage and do their bit, then you turn round and say "Oh we're going to charge you for the that". You can't make it up how utterly stupid this is. And DO NOT say what my previous LA said - that they'll continue to empty the other bins "free of charge". IT IS NOT FREE - WE ALREADY PAY FOR IT!

  • Phil Scott
    70. 17 January 2023 at 10:55AM, Phil Scott wrote

    Why not consider removing

    all parking charges in Macclesfield? This would encourage more shoppers using the town centre.

    This would help more businesses to stay afloat and may encourage new ones.Macclesfield is becoming a ghost town.

  • Phil Scott
    71. 17 January 2023 at 11:01AM, Phil Scott wrote

    Council should not close Macc Library or reduce its excellent services.It is a hub for all the people of Macc to use and provides very important services.

    Also it is a 'warm zone' in these costly energy times.

  • Liz Hollingsworth
    72. 17 January 2023 at 12:26PM, Liz Hollingsworth wrote

    The libraries are a key part of the community for so many people. Reducing hours and spaces will have a huge impact on families, vunerable people and many more. They do much more than just lend books.

  • Allison
    73. 17 January 2023 at 6:42PM, Allison wrote

    The budget cuts of our open spaces and no tree planting, surely this will impact the effort to reduce our carbon footprint.Hopefully common sense will prevail .

  • Rachael McLoughlin
    74. 17 January 2023 at 7:58PM, Rachael McLoughlin wrote

    Dismayed to hear about the proposal to move the Macclesfield library into the town hall and reduce hours. As the mother of a young child who enjoys the library and gets tremendous educational benefit from visits, I feel the library is a tremendously valuable community resource and certainly should be protected at all costs as a key community hub. this certainly feels like a step towards further cuts or closure in the mid term which is disappointing to say the least. In addition, green bin proposals are a considerable backwards step from an environmental perspective.

  • Dawn Welsford
    75. 18 January 2023 at 4:34PM, Dawn Welsford wrote

    Libraries are an integral and highly valued resource to Poynton town and its residents. Utilised on weekdays and weekends it provides a venue for learning for all. I often make use of its services as an individual and as a family, bringing my son along to participate in social learning events which is invaluable to children. Please do not lose this precious resource used by all.

  • Fiona Wynn
    76. 18 January 2023 at 10:34PM, Fiona Wynn wrote

    All libraries play a valuable part in so many areas of community life - see the many comments on here - & it would be a foolish, backward & penny pinching step to reduce their availability. Macclesfield library, as it is ,is one thing that we can be proud of here and we should encourage use of it to its full potential, rather than downgrading it.

  • janet davies
    77. 18 January 2023 at 10:50PM, janet davies wrote

    have the proposed cuts to the employers pension contributions been discussed with the trade unions ? Given the current fall in real terms salaries the proposed reduction to the pension scheme will exacerbate the recruitment and retention issue. there will be nothing attractive that the public sector can offer to compete with the private sector, especially in graduate positions.

  • janet davies
    78. 18 January 2023 at 10:58PM, janet davies wrote

    one of the reasons for the high cost of childrens social service provision is due to 12 years of austerity measure which have drastically cut preventative services. this has resulted in a higher amounts being required in child protection services for children of secondary school age. partcularly relevant in spending on placements in the private sector. Its not complicated, spending more on early intervention and family support at pre school age saves money in the long run.

  • Catherine
    79. 19 January 2023 at 8:42AM, Catherine wrote

    Funding for adult social care should come from central government. Successive prime ministers have vowed to ‘fix’ this; they should be held accountable by the electorate for their failure to do so.

    Cutting library hours would be devastating for many communities and demonstrates a lack of understanding and appreciation of the vital role they play in the education and well being of young and old. Macclesfield library provides a warm and welcoming environment for everyone not just to borrow books but to engage in social and educational activities with others. Others have eloquently expressed the importance of the library to them. Libraries should be sacrosanct.

  • Patricia
    80. 19 January 2023 at 9:13AM, Patricia wrote

    I am saddened to hear that the library in Macclesfield is to move to the town hall in the latest proposals. The library is an incredible hub for all ages, not just for books, but for a vast range of activities for all ages. The town hall would not be a suitable space, and will be the 'thin end of the wedge' to reducing hours, services, and eventually total closure. I would urge the council to reconsider and preserve this vital asset in the face of so many smaller library closures.

  • Anon
    81. 19 January 2023 at 10:49AM, Anon wrote

    As a young carer and truant I found the library my only safe refuge and it led me to two degrees and an international IT career.

    The Council only exists to be local and promote wellbeing and economic growth.

    Libraries are an investment with a great return, not a dull cost centre. So add libraries to your cultural and economic ammunition, open them every day all hours and add galleries, repair shops, coding clubs and coffee, and look after your citizens and their social rights.

  • Daniella Russo
    82. 19 January 2023 at 12:24PM, Daniella Russo wrote

    We are greatly disappointed to hear about the proposed changes to the library opening hours. As a mother of a young baby, the library has provided a safe and welcoming communal space - a free activity that gets us out the house and enabled me to meet other mums in the local area, which is great for social well-being. Furthermore, on my trips to the library (typically twice per week), I often see young adults from the comp (Holmes Chapel) taking refuge and enjoying some quiet time to get homework done. If the hours are shortened and they cannot get a lift home until later, where are they to go outside of school hours that is safe, warm and quiet? I urge you strongly to rethink this element of the budget.

  • Franco Russo
    83. 19 January 2023 at 12:33PM, Franco Russo wrote

    Given that we live in a rural setting, please don't reduce library hours as it is a go to place for many elderly people and offers a bit of social contact to many. The library also offers a lot of vital support to new mothers and their babies

  • Steve I
    84. 19 January 2023 at 12:43PM, Steve I wrote

    Here we go again

    An incompetent Council, top heavy with driftwood management all over paid and in a pension fund, the rest of us can only dream about.

    Expecting a 4.9% increase in council tax, and they can't even sweep the streets!

    You can't even repair potholes!

    Now you want to charge for Garden waste collection!!

    I see you are putting ample money aside for people who would rather stay at home than work!

    Why not scrap the Bentley and chauffeur?

    Why not have a head count review? There's far too many overpaid positions within the council

    You are all feathering your nest with tax payers hard earned cash!!

  • Ella Sayce
    85. 19 January 2023 at 12:54PM, Ella Sayce wrote

    My main concern is the reduction in opening hours of the library, as a new mum the library is place which offers much needed support and space to spend parts of the day which can otherwise be quite secluded. The baby and young children classes have been a huge part of my nieces foundational years and will no doubt be the same for my children. Please do not make cuts here it will affect so many people negatively.

  • Anonymous
    86. 19 January 2023 at 3:40PM, Anonymous wrote

    I am saddened to hear about the proposed idea to shorten the library hours. The library is a safe communal space from the very young to the elderly. As a new mum, I like many others, have benefited from meeting new mums and doing free classes for my baby. The library also has more benefits than I can begin to imagine on people’s mental health just by having somewhere ‘to go’ where are people meant to turn to for a warm quiet safe space, if anything it would be nice and beneficial to extend the current hours.

  • Jackie Russo
    87. 19 January 2023 at 3:41PM, Jackie Russo wrote

    I disagree with reducing the opening hours of Holmes Chapel library because:

    - it will be too restrictive and people will stop using the facility completely as they get frustrated

    - in an older community, people need the online facilities and also use the library for social reasons (which is very important in helping to fight dementia)

    - my daughter takes my granddaughter to the baby/ toddler sessions and as there are no antenatal groups these days to meet other mums at, this is providing her with a chance to meet and become friends with other young mums which helps to stop feelings of isolation and depression that are possible with a young baby; plus these sessions help the babies’ development

    - when you are working, the flexible/ later opening hours on a Thursday are very useful - this may be the difference between a working mum being able to get her child a book to encourage reading or not!

    - I love being able to walk down to the village and knowing the opening hours, just being able to pop in and browse the books

    - the library’s facilities serve all ages of the community, and when a lot of life is online these days, it’s important to have face to face contact.

  • Sharon
    88. 19 January 2023 at 4:21PM, Sharon wrote

    I have 2 concerns, one is for the Library proposals. People like me that work and commute will be only able to use the library on Saturday mornings, please keep them open on Saturdays. The late evenings do help though.

    Libraries are critical for small baby/kids and their parents, also crucial for older people offering a social group and only see/chat to other people.

    The second is around the green bins, this needs to remain composted not land fill, this is crucial aspect to recycling and helping with climate change, please try to remain a is as much as possible.

  • Neil Wheatley
    89. 19 January 2023 at 5:46PM, Neil Wheatley wrote

    Please do not close the library on Saturdays. That is the day my children visit and it’s difficult for us to visit weekdays. If you must close it an extra day, why not Thursday? But PLEASE keep it open Saturdays.

  • Ted
    90. 19 January 2023 at 7:46PM, Ted wrote

    Libraries are an essential focal point for everyone. Closing on a Saturday and the one late night in the week, would disadvantage those people who have to work and cannot get there before 5 pm. They are also essential as a warm and friendly space in these desperate times for people who are struggling with their heating bills.

  • M
    91. 19 January 2023 at 7:53PM, M wrote

    Closing libraries is a retrograde step. People who because of work will not be able to use the facilities if the opening times are reduced. The library is also a focal point for people to meet with friends and enjoy a warm space environment in these demanding times.

  • Lydia
    92. 19 January 2023 at 10:53PM, Lydia wrote

    I am appalled to see that there is an intention of reducing the opening times of the library. With 1 kid who loves to play in there and read, we would definitely miss the library if this was done. I am also pregnant, and the library is a lovely place where I have met incredible mums and their kids after having my first, and will definitely be visiting after having my second during maternity leave. Please do not do this, we pay a lot of council tax for us to have something as basic as a library available even less time.

  • Dom Findon
    93. 20 January 2023 at 10:05AM, Dom Findon wrote

    Macclesfield Library is one of the town's best assets. It is really well used by a huge variety of people. I don't think there is a strong argument to changing its location or hours. If you check on Google for its popular times - Saturday morning is when it is most popular!

  • Dom Findon
    94. 20 January 2023 at 10:12AM, Dom Findon wrote

    We can't put food waste into black bins and then landfill because that increases methane in the atmosphere. Didn't we just have the hottest summer ever?

    Also, black bins are only emptied every fortnight so some food waste will get very smelly in the black bins.

  • Stuart Aikenhead
    95. 20 January 2023 at 2:26PM, Stuart Aikenhead wrote

    Handforth Library is vital to the local community. Reducing its opening hours by 30% is an outrage. Cheshire East Council should be ashamed of themselves!

  • JP
    96. 20 January 2023 at 5:27PM, JP wrote

    - I find it hard to accept each and every year the council force increased council tax rises upon us, especially in these times where everything is costing individuals more. Especially for pensioners whose income does not increase drastically on a yearly basis.

    - Salary increases are too excessive.

    - Public sector pension contributions are amongst the highest and to see further increases here is simply not right. I would suggest that if salary increases are to be made the council should make individuals pay their own pension contributions moving forward.

    - it is ludicrous to start asking us to pay for green bin collections - as if we already don't pay enough.

  • Christine Connick
    97. 20 January 2023 at 6:36PM, Christine Connick wrote

    I wish to object the proposal to close/ or reduce library opening times, or in the case of Macclesfield library to place it within the Town Hall.

    Public libraries are warm, welcoming free spaces for all members of the community. They provide many useful services to young, old and our disabled community members. When Macclesfield Town Hall closed the public toilets, they told the public to use the library.What will happen if the library closes? Personally I feel that the Town Hall officers have over a number of years distanced themselves, by allowing fewer opportunities for interaction and support for the community they serve.

    The local library on the other hand is a hub for many local groups, a safe place for everyone, bringing the community together in positive ways. It provides access to literature, music, books, newspapers and a whole world of digital resources, anyone can enter, enjoy the many facilities and be treated with dignity and respect. I think Cheshire East would do well to follow the library model with its approachable, accessible, and knowledgeable staff members. Thank you

  • IR
    98. 20 January 2023 at 11:33PM, IR wrote

    Proposals to cut employer's pension contributions are absolutely appalling. Not only do your employees have to put up with abysmal increases in wage which are nowhere near the same as the rate of inflation but now you propose to reduce what we get when we retire?

    As usual: Yesterday's heroes are today's burden.

  • Anne Price
    99. 21 January 2023 at 9:06AM, Anne Price wrote

    Don't spend any more money on B4B -it is a disaster.

    you are asking people to pay more for reduced services - we don't have the money. Regularly people are reaching out on social media for help. Luckily the community responds immediately. This is a very sad sad reflection on this country.

    Increasing business rates will deter new start ups - the vitality plans clearly show that our town centres are struggling.

    It is disgusting to read about levels of pension contribution to the highest level of CEC Officers.

    i would support turning off of alternative street lights but before that happens our pavements and footpaths need fixing as they are dire.

    the roads are disgraceful - do a good job first time instead of patching - why was the last 100 yards of Croxton Lane not done when the rest was - now full of dangerous pot holes damaging cars and this is one of the most used roads in Middlewich. Absolute stupidity.

    your bad debt is massive - it needs managing intensely.

    I don't see why I should pay for others bad debt when I work very carefully to manage my own finances. Middlewich has been very badly managed prior to there new mayor taking office, which hundreds of thousands of pounds being lost and some of these people are in office at CEC.

    Stop Energy and Fuel companies making so much profit - it is immoral.

    Redistribute ANSA and other waste siter profits so bin prices don't go up - i have recently had two letters about bins being left out - how much did that cost?? target the offenders not all of us.

    How can you ask use to pay more for police ( when our service has been decimated) / Council / NHS / Fire Service and for services ion their own homes - cut some high paid staff instead,

  • Jane D
    100. 21 January 2023 at 1:45PM, Jane D wrote

    I am really shocked at these proposals to reduce local services and I’m really worried about any reduction in opening hours of libraries. I use Holmes Chapel library every week, including Saturdays. I’m 86 and I go in and sit in the warm and talk to the wonderful staff who go out of their way to help me. I feel safe and warm and welcomed and I must have saved thousands of pounds over the years by borrowing books rather than buying them. They have even advised me how to get a voter ID certificate as I don’t have the internet at home or any photo ID for the upcoming local elections.

    Any reduction in their opening hours will impact my wellbeing.

  • Jim Hoyle
    101. 21 January 2023 at 3:52PM, Jim Hoyle wrote

    I have two concerns and one question. I am concerned about the proposal no. [93] to reduce library hours and the number of new books and newspapers available. Surely access to these things for people of all ages is a basic requirement in a civilised society? My other major concern is the proposal no. [103], to reduce the number of local buses from its already pathetic level, bearing in mind that it is impossible to get to most areas of Cheshire East in the evening – this proposal is an assault on the poorest members of society, including the very old and the very young. As a short-term fix you could increase car-park charges to cover the lost amount of subsidy. However, the real solution to the problem is progressive taxation on the wealthy, of which there are many in Cheshire East, but no doubt you will tell me this is outside the Council’s remit. For your information, during this so-called ‘cost-of-living crisis’, the super-rich have become even richer. Just check the figures. My question concerns proposal [100] regarding CCTV. What does this mean? I have no idea.

    If we carry on in the same way without considerable income redistribution from the rich to the rest of us, you will unfortunately be back every year with further proposals for cuts in a situation where public services are already totally inadequate. What is your alternative to my proposal to tax those who can afford it? You have already increased the Council Tax to the limit of what you are allowed, which I support, so what next?

  • John Norman
    102. 21 January 2023 at 7:16PM, John Norman wrote

    Why are we yet again being expected to pay MORE council tax ? Why are you going to start charging for emptying garden waste ? The bin that you have supplied me with and the frequency of emptying is not adequate enough now ! You put the council tax up and up year after year and the services just get worse, the local roads are absolutely abysmal and cost me money each time my car goes for an annual mot test. How much council tax do you need? All of the new houses and estates that have been built, you are collecting all of that extra, it is now just plain greed and we get nothing for our money ? The local bus service is useless now and you want to cut services ? I am a pensioner and am already paying an extortionate amount of council tax that should cover the fire service, the police force, social care etc, we can only pay so much !!!

  • Tom Sneddon
    103. 22 January 2023 at 9:56AM, Tom Sneddon wrote

    The Library building should not be closed and the contents moved to the town hall.

    The library is a great space and am at a loss as to how the “planners” intend to fit all the contents into the town hall and ensure all the presents contents remain accessible?

  • Hepzi Williams-Arnold
    104. 22 January 2023 at 3:34PM, Hepzi Williams-Arnold wrote

    I am a first time mum to a 3 month old little boy. I regularly attend the library and the free classes that are put on for babies, particularly “baby bounce” on a Wednesday.

    Not only do does my son enjoy the classes, but it gives me the opportunity to meet new mums, which is greatly beneficial for my mental health. I was concerned to read the proposals with regard to Macclesfield library. These classes held at the library are crucial to the community. They have a very good turn out every week.

  • Stephen Clutton
    105. 23 January 2023 at 11:20AM, Stephen Clutton wrote

    Cutting library services, while an easy target, is short-sighted and misguided. These are vital hubs in the community. The local library is so much more than their core service of lending books. They provide a social space for all but especially including young/new parents and the elderly, they are a place to get warm in these times of unaffordable energy bills, they provide help and advice on accessing other council services, internet access for those who aren't connected at home. These services should be invested in not cut.

  • Anonymous
    106. 23 January 2023 at 2:13PM, Anonymous wrote

    Macclesfield library should not be moved. It should stay where it is, because it would cost alot of money to move the fixtures and fittings and we will have an empty library building sat around for years and getting into a bad state of repairs. It would be better if the poynton and bollington library were closed or have reduced opening hours rather than macclesfield. Or increase charges for services within the library for those people who use the library. Macclesfield has suffered enough over the years from less spending on this town. Put up charges (if you have to) and dig into reserves in order to keep a good level of service going for the people of macclesfield, and that includes emptying our waste bins which must continue without delay or changes. Also thin down top and middle management within the council to save some money. Reduce the amount of money spent on social services or start charging more.

  • Sarah Battye
    107. 23 January 2023 at 2:29PM, Sarah Battye wrote

    The library in Sandbach desperately needs more funding their pre school events have been a pillar of the community and support for the library as a whole is necessary

  • Peter Hadfield
    108. 23 January 2023 at 5:08PM, Peter Hadfield wrote

    A potential income source could come from Commercialising council land. I would advise a comprehensive review of all roadside assets under the council's ownership and a feasibility study is completed on placing digital advertising screens. On busy routes, significant secured income can be generated with no or very limited CAPEX or investment from the council. Definitely worth considering to avoid reducing much needed services

  • Denise
    109. 23 January 2023 at 7:47PM, Denise wrote

    I wanted to voice my concern about plans to cut library opening hours, particularly in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Not everyone in Cheshire East has money. Not everyone can afford to access the internet at home, pay for kids activities, has access to resources etc. As others have said libraries provide this and so much more. They are one of the few places left where you can go in and access services, whatever your age or your circumstances in life are. They are also one of the few services left where you can go in and speak to a person and are not chasing around after a phone number or email address.

    As someone who is disabled I access a variety of services through Wilmslow and Handforth libraries. The local eye society has a thriving social group which I attend, which meets in Wilmslow library providing a welcoming space for people to meet, and helps to reduce social isolation. Libraries are so much more than books, they are a valuable resource for all which in the times we find ourselves in make them all the more relevant.

  • Mrs Sarah L Ensor
    110. 23 January 2023 at 8:35PM, Mrs Sarah L Ensor wrote

    Budget Engagement 2023.

    There are three main areas in this consultation which I would like to comment. Firstly, I am against the proposal to move the Macclesfield library. The current historic building is brilliant for the purpose with room to hold all the resources and to support events for the community such as lego club and holiday events. Vacating this premises means the library would have much less room and leave yet another empty building in the town centre.

    Secondly closing the library on a Saturday morning would be a massive loss. As a working parent of school age children, this is often the best time to regularly visit the library and choose new books. The library is always busy at this time with many likeminded visitors making the most of a visit to the town centre and no doubt visiting other local businesses too. Working in education I see first hand the importance of promoting reading. While there may need to be some cuts to the budget, I strongly believe that investing in the library and in reading is investing in education and I’m promoting literacy in the community.

    I also have issues with the idea of charging for green bin collections. I was incredibly pleased to see the investment in hot composting locally. This was a positive step in promoting a green aganda, in reducing waste and encouraging environmentally sound practise. If cuts need to be made in household waste I would much rather see a drop in the number of collections of black bin waste. Focusing on promoting reducing waste which cannot be reused or recycled. Our household would struggle to fill a black bin once a month, let alone every two weeks. I would much reduce this collection.

  • Anonymous
    111. 24 January 2023 at 8:19AM, Anonymous wrote

    Within your Children and Families services:

    Education for Wellbeing Co-ordinator function. This post duplicates the work being done by other locally commissioned service providers and national services, who are better positioned and qualified to provide this function. There is no statutory duty on the local authority to provide this function to schools and removing this function would save tens of thousands of pounds a year.

    Similarly, the safeguarding in schools function in Cheshire East is over resourced. Staffordshire have one member of staff covering a district twice the size of Cheshire East! The only statutory requirement on LAs is to have 'a named officer with responsibility for safeguarding in schools', not an advisory service. Again, tens of thousands could be saved here.

    The LA needs to really scrutinise its staffing structures as there will be other examples of unnecessary spending and ensure that jobs are not just created with little scrutiny and no fair recruitment process followed!

  • Chris Avery
    112. 24 January 2023 at 9:27AM, Chris Avery wrote

    I think libraries have massive potential to benefit to all communities, reduction in service and closure is really quite depressing to hear being put on the table.

    Since the internet

    they are less fundamental to communities getting access to information but I think this just means a more creative approach could be taken into figuring out what their more modern role could be.

    For example, with so many working from home if changes could be made to make these spaces more suited to working from a laptop then they could be used a way to raise money and once again become busy hubs in the community. Its better then shutting down and relocating them.

  • John
    113. 24 January 2023 at 12:09PM, John wrote

    Agree with other comments that this document is far too lengthy for residents to review and comment on effectively. A summary for residents of the major losses and increases would be a refreshingly open step forward from a a council.

    The reduction in library hours and funding for the maintenance is laughable considering the impact these have on residents physical and mental wellbeing after such a turbulent period.

    Lovely to see Waste being used as a scape-goat for costs - charging for green waste collections and wasting the money used in the implementation of the food caddy scheme.

    Finally, is there a requirement for Tatton Park to be so generously funded? Perhaps a conversation with the NT on spend and potential internal income generation would be beneficial rather than putting this onto residents/NT members that already pay an additional fee to enter the park?! Putting back into the council rather than taking from it?

  • David Wilson
    114. 24 January 2023 at 1:33PM, David Wilson wrote

    Changes to garden waste collection will encourage fly tipping. Any reduction in maintenance of green spaces is counter productive. It causes deterioration in the appearance of neighbourhoods which then encourages some residents to lose respect for the local environment. It also goes against the policies of a neighbourhood plan which seeks to preserve the quality of green spaces.

  • Katherine Lowe
    115. 25 January 2023 at 1:10PM, Katherine Lowe wrote

    I’d like to concentrate on proposals relating to our library service.

    Firstly the proposal to re-locate the library to the town hall. Our library is a wonderful space which is well used by many in our community. It’s hard to see how everything within the library and the services it provides could be achievable in a smaller and impractical space. What would the empty building become-just another empty building to add to the growing number already in the town centre? Our town centre is dying and the relocation of the library and closure of the building will hasten this.

    Secondly regarding the proposals to reduce the opening hours, particularly on a Saturday morning, is hard to understand. The service our library provides, especially for children, is vital to learning and development. For many families Saturday is the only time they are able to bring their children to the library. To deprive them of this opportunity would be detrimental to their education and leisure.

    The library provides a much loved and well used community hub. Where anyone can go in and enjoy a free service which is open to all. It is unique in this. There are so many services provided: reading groups, archives, computers, advice, children’s activities, community and social groups -the list is endless.

    Many visitors to Macclesfield have commented on the library’s excellence and wonderful service that the town should be proud of.

  • Gill Baxter
    116. 25 January 2023 at 2:00PM, Gill Baxter wrote

    All of the services provided by the council are absolutely vital to the communities that they serve. Cutting funding to services such as libraries will be taking much needed warm, welcoming and social spaces from vulnerable people who really need them. Long term, this will put pressure on other services such as medical and social care. People who are lonely, cold and unhappy are more likely to become ill, thus putting pressure on other costly council services. Please consider the bigger picture.

    There has been huge increases in new housing (often on greenbelt land). Why is the council tax from these not increasing the council's revenue? How about encouraging empty shops to be filled again? Putting up business rates has resulted in businesses being unable to continue and surely resulted in lost revenue for the council. How about encouraging businesses? Incentives and decreases in business rates would actually result in more businesses paying revenue and an increase overall. It would also increase numbers of people visiting towns and therefore paying parking charges. On this note, parking charges should be equalised across the borough. Those with free parking are obviously going to be utilised more than those with huge parking rates. Perhaps a decrease in parking charges for the most expensive and an introduction of parking fees for areas that have always been free, making it fairer for all. Huge rates actually put people off visiting so please bare this in mind. More visitors would be best for both the council and local businesses.

  • B. Johnson
    117. 25 January 2023 at 4:38PM, B. Johnson wrote

    So saddened to hear that Macclesfield library could be moved or closed on Saturdays, surely their busiest day when families with their children can accesses resources. This does not make sense - perhaps better to cut the hours on a different day of the week. The present building is ideal and I can't imagine a move would be in anyone's interest.

  • Richard Lowe
    118. 25 January 2023 at 5:29PM, Richard Lowe wrote

    Changes to the library location and service – items 68 and 93.

    The current library building is exactly suited to its purpose. It is large enough to hold all the necessary library resources and provides space for community groups, lectures (e.g. Macc Lit and Phil), art exhibitions, the charity card shop and children’s story times to name just a few of the regular activities. Inevitably all these would be compromised by a move into the town hall. The current library building will just become one more empty space in the Macc town centre, hastening its decline.

    It is essential that the library remains open on Saturdays as this is often the only time that working people and families with children can use the service. This service is vital to the education and well being of our community, especially its children. This is evidenced by how frequently public libraries are mentioned in famous people’s biographies as having been an inspiration to them and a place of sanctuary as they were growing up. Digital resources have not replaced books – both items have their own important place and the library is key to making these resources available.

  • Mrs Humphreys
    119. 25 January 2023 at 6:34PM, Mrs Humphreys wrote

    I would expect to see a 2-3 page summary of this massive proposal for people to identify the area relevant to them…but no you have hidden the details in the hopes the public won’t see in time. Aside from your actions affecting a lot of people in need you are also being sly in the way you go about things.

    There should be a public meeting not decisions made by a few people who won’t be affected by any change and are too far removed from reality to understand their implications.

  • Mrs Humphreys
    120. 25 January 2023 at 6:37PM, Mrs Humphreys wrote

    The loss of a Knutsford key local support service being closed is a disgrace.

    This would be taking vital care from vulnerable adults when social care is already on its knees - surely it should be more investment not cuts?

    Bexton Court has been empty for 12 years, costing tens of thousands a year for security.

    Why should those who need the help the most be the first to loose out!

    Not acceptable.

  • Mrs Humphreys
    121. 25 January 2023 at 6:39PM, Mrs Humphreys wrote

    Closing knutsford library on a Saturday is a ridiculous idea when that is the time families take children in.

    We are a country that needs to encourage the children to be interested in reading and learning and how can we do that when the services needed are removed!

    Ridiculous decision with no rationale.

  • Concerned Knutsford Resident
    122. 25 January 2023 at 7:26PM, Concerned Knutsford Resident wrote

    The fact that the council are looking at closing a day centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities (the Stanley Centre , Knutsford), after people fought so hard to reopen it after Covid is shameful.

    Social Care is in critical state and needs your support, not further cuts.

    Where are you proposing the people from this day centre will go?

    I live in Knutsford and I'm not aware there's anything else suitable in the local area? It's a brilliant local facility that many rely on.

    The vulnerable people in our society (both Adults and Children) need supporting.

    Covid proved to us how detrimental isolation can be for vulnerable people and their carers.

    With family that has disabilities and vulnerabilities, I know first hand how vital these facilities are, how relied upon every day they can be, and the catastrophic results that WILL occur if they close.

    People need somewhere safe to go.

    These people deserve better.

  • Anonymous
    123. 25 January 2023 at 7:45PM, Anonymous wrote

    As a Knutsford Resident , I find it so disappointing to see further potential cuts to our local services.

    Surely social care is an area that the requires investment , not cuts !

    Are we also facing another empty building , like Bexton Court, left to rot and deteriorate. Worse than that , will this empty building also cost the council tens of thousands of pounds in security and insurance every year?

    In fact , over the last 12 years , Bexton Court has cost more than the council will save by closing the Stanley Centre - How is this cost effective ?

    Where will these vulnerable people go ? Who is their voice? We should be supporting everyone in our community - to close the Stanley Centre would take so much away from those who need it.

    Disgraceful Cheshire East !

  • Annonymous
    124. 25 January 2023 at 8:09PM, Annonymous wrote

    The proposed closure of the Stanley Centre strikes me as a money-grabbing idea. When budgets are stretched it's often the vulnerable that suffer. The truth of the matter is that the value if the land that the Stanley centre stands on is too tempting not to cash in.

    The staff at the Stanley centre worked hard to provide a wide range of activities outside of the centre's walls with the centre providing a central hub for socialising. Let's not forget that these service users are at a distinct disadvantage to socialise due to their complex needs.

    Please reconsider This proposal and work with the managers at the Stanley Centre to help provide a local service that works .

  • Lydia Kennedy
    125. 26 January 2023 at 8:10AM, Lydia Kennedy wrote

    The loss of the Stanley Centre in Knutsford would be an irreparable decision for those families who need its services, without any provision in place to provide this support elsewhere locally. The decision to then transport people around the county seems totally counter intuitive both in terms of transport costs but also the cost to those individuals who may need to stay closer to home for practical care or mental health reasons.

    This service provides support for those who are most vulnerable in our community and should be protected to ensure they are supported with dignity, respect and safety.

  • Dave
    126. 26 January 2023 at 12:05PM, Dave wrote

    I object to proposals to introduce charges for green waste recycling. This a backward step in terms of encouraging recycling and, in a green economy, should be a core function of the council. I note in the budget proposal document that one of the justifications for introducing charges is the increase in the number of households. This ignores the fact that increased numbers of households lead to increased Council Tax revenue for Cheshire East.

    127. 26 January 2023 at 12:29PM, PATRICK HUMPHREYS wrote

    The proposed closure of the Stanley centre is extremely poor should this go ahead. This facility provides a vital level of support for those in need plus obviously their families. There is limited support available elsewhere locally, so this would be a significant loss.

    I also have a wider question on how these cost cuts are communicated and a 300+ page document is unlikely to be read by most people - surely some sort of exec summary could communicate proposed changes more efficiently with the larger document for those that want/have the time to dig deeper. It feels like a deliberate obfuscation to avoid too great a level of scrutiny from a wider range of people.

  • John Bowden
    128. 26 January 2023 at 1:00PM, John Bowden wrote

    1. I have concerns over the consultation process which is:

    a) Poorly communicated - the proposals are in a very inaccessible 320+ page document. They are not summarised in plain and concise English.

    b) Too short a timscale - to properly consider given the scale of the cuts proposed, which are huge and devastating.

    c) So vague in places that it is meaningless - e.g. proposals not to fill vacancies across most areas. The service impact of leaving the vacancies empty is not described.

    I find the totality of the whole cuts package and lack of transparency over the consultation very poor but I also have specific concerns.

    2.a Charging for green waste will have a negative climate impact and will encourage food waste to be placed in mixed waste bins.

    2.b. There should not be cuts for the Carbon Neutral Action Plan given that the action taken on the borough-wide activities has only just begun and we are in a climate emergency.

    2.c. Presumably climate change work will suffer as a result of not filling vacancies, as this area is not deemed statutory or revenue generating. Action 5.2c of the carbon neutral action plan describes the need for 114 council employees to manage a mass retrofit programme, for example.

    2.d. I am concerned about the social impact on disadvantaged groups of cutting library services in Macclesfield.

    3.e. Bus service provision is already extremely poor and expensive. This should be protected for the sake of those without car access and for the environment to discourage car use.

  • RJ
    129. 26 January 2023 at 1:43PM, RJ wrote

    If you cut the brown bins and make everyone charge there will be no going back even if you ever got more money just like what you did with the car parks you will then rely on the money. This cut is damaging and will only result in fly tipping. I for one will be bagging up my garden waste and putting it in my black bin.

    Next thing, you talk about trying to save money but you love to waste money, you have been upgrading traffic light crossing with touch free ones at what cost?? No one uses them and still use the button...what a waste of money for a supposedly cash strapped council. Closure of Librarys is not a good thing and we need these for the communities. Since Covid we have learnt that green space is more important than ever before so these need to be looked after, why not look into getting some of the office staff helping out at times, the council is to office staff heavy as it is. I know someone who works for you know and they can't believe the money you spend on certain things without batting an eye lid, contractors are taking advantage of you. Think long term and not short term. Cut the contractors and do things ourselves. Hand more responsibility to local councils and provide them with the money to improve facilities.

  • Rona Sutowo
    130. 26 January 2023 at 4:28PM, Rona Sutowo wrote

    Library provides crucial service in the society. Society who read is society who achieve.

    Can you imagine families who cannot afford books from high street bookstores and also deprived from accessing reading materials? CE also has been advocating and pride themselves as providing warm places which include library. This seems to be hypocritical by promoting one thing and also take it all away.

    I cannot imagine England that is well-known for its literature to shut down the very place where people come for reading for knowledge as well as pleasure.

    Library needs saving urgently!

  • Resident
    131. 26 January 2023 at 5:06PM, Resident wrote

    The £17m overspend on the new IT system in November 21 came from taxpayers in Cheshire East and Cheshire West and now we are expected to pick up the pieces of this quote ‘financial shambles’

    Savings to correct this should not be made from essential services such as safe roads and pavements or from charging for environmental services such as food waste collection. Nor should libraries, SEN and social care for vulnerable residents be cut whilst the council has unused buildings standing idle.

  • Margaret Denton
    132. 26 January 2023 at 6:27PM, Margaret Denton wrote

    Please do not take away the mobile library facility. It is an important part of our social life and I understand the 130 bus is also under threat. Please think of our village Church Minshull before you decide. Thanking you so much.

  • Anonymous
    133. 26 January 2023 at 10:22PM, Anonymous wrote

    As locals, we already pay a premium amount go live in Wilmslow and keep it nice. A 4.99% increase isn't justified, especially with the cost of living increasing! A charge to empty green bins will also encourage people to not recycle as they won't be able to afford the extra amount to distribute their rubbish accordingly!

  • Anonymous
    134. 26 January 2023 at 11:17PM, Anonymous wrote

    1. Please can we have a more user-friendly budget plan summary (ie 1-2 pages) to comment on in future that highlights the key proposed changes succinctly and facilitates residents being able to comment?

    2. It would be great to see evidence of more creative approaches from the council that enhance regeneration rather than just opting for building closures or reducing hours etc, which can underpin the downward spiral to further degeneration For example, libraries : could partnerships with cafe chains looking for town centre presence be explored to help fund and regenerate them as local social / learning/ welfare/employment skills/ jobs fairs/ creative hubs? For for park spaces, could community groups/ charities be more widely engaged in keeping local community spaces from declining (eg, by providing free spaces for charities using gardening projects for mental health support, children's 'green- fingers' groups, gardening clubs for older adults etc)

    3. Some proposed building closures seem very short-term reactive given (a) the anticipated increase in demand for council support services in the future

    (b) how local town centre locations such as the Stanley Centre, Knutsford ensure support/welfare services are accessible to those who need them most (poor public transport provision in parts of Cheshire is a major barrier to access)

    (c) the lack of clear reassurance of how service users needs will actually be met in the future and how much will this cost in comparison (given staff will be redeployed so no saving on employment costs)

    (d) no evidence to suggest if it's been explored whether such brilliantly located buildings can be used even more effectively to support delivery of council services longer term - ie for a wider range of purposes , in the evenings, at weekends etc

    (e) no reassurance that if such buildings were to close, tax payers' money wouldn't just be wasted on security etc to prevent them harbouring anti social behaviour and reducing the quality of our local environment

  • Hannah
    135. 27 January 2023 at 10:25AM, Hannah wrote

    Absolutely disgusting plan. This Labour/independent led council have made no improvements to our services as promised and I’m no fan of the previous leadership. Libraries need to be open evening and weekends. Garden waste collection is already paid for in the council tax, having to pay extra will result in fly tipping and a retrograde move re food waste. Pot holes and broken pavements need sorting not just quick fill in repairs using contractors rather than employees.

  • Katherine Lowe
    136. 27 January 2023 at 11:13AM, Katherine Lowe wrote

    I’d like to concentrate on proposals relating to our library service.

    Firstly the proposal to re-locate the library to the town hall. Our library is a wonderful space which is well used by many in our community. It’s hard to see how everything within the library and the services it provides could be achievable in a smaller and impractical space. What would the empty building become-just another empty building to add to the growing number already in the town centre? Our town centre is dying and the relocation of the library and closure of the building will hasten this.

    Secondly regarding the proposals to reduce the opening hours, particularly on a Saturday morning, is hard to understand. The service our library provides, especially for children, is vital to learning and development. For many families Saturday is the only time they are able to bring their children to the library. To deprive them of this opportunity would be detrimental to their education and leisure.

    The library provides a much loved and well used community hub. Where anyone can go in and enjoy a free service which is open to all. It is unique in this. There are so many services provided: reading groups, archives, computers, advice, children’s activities, community and social groups -the list is endless.

    Many visitors to Macclesfield have commented on the library’s excellence and wonderful service that the town should be proud of.

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