Budget Engagement 2022 - 2026


Our council provides more than 500 services for approximately 386,670 residents. From gritting roads to looking after vulnerable people, hundreds of council services are accessed every day. 

We have a responsibility to deliver cost effective services in a way that provides tax payers and residents with value for money. This means working to ensure every penny is accounted for and spent wisely.

The budget engagement explains how our council sets its budget and asks for feedback on its spending plans for the next four years.

The budget planning and engagement cycle

The council's budget planning and engagement cycle is continuous - it happens every year and goes on all year round. The following table sets out the budget planning and engagement cycle key dates.

Cheshire East Council's budget planning cycle - Key dates

May to Nov

Confirm next year's funding deficit. Prepare next year's budget investment and saving proposals to be consulted on.

Council Members, Corporate Leadership Team, council officers.


Consider last year's financial position (outturn) - see last year's outturn agenda item here.

Council Cabinet.

Mid-year financial review - see last year's mid-year review agenda item here.

Corporate Policy Committee, Council Cabinet.

Nov to Jan Consult on next year's budget investment and saving proposals.

Council Members, Committees, Cabinet, Trade Unions, Business & Schools Forums, Town and Parish Councils, council officers, residents.

Feb Final funding announcements from Central Government - see HM Government's finance settlement webpages here.
Feb Third-quarter finance review - see last year's  third quarter review agenda item here. Council Cabinet.

Consideration of consultation feedback, and debate and approval of next year's budget ( MTFS ) - see last year's MTFS agenda item here.

Full Council.
April onwards

Implementation of agreed budget investment and saving proposals, with further public consultation on individual proposals where required.

Council services and all stakeholders.

View this year's budget engagement document

You can view and download a copy of this year's budget engagement document (PDF, 843KB).

This document outlines the key financial issues that we need to tackle for 2022 to 2026, including those that relate to the ongoing pandemic. It also includes our proposed response to these financial challenges and our plans for spending next year.

Giving your feedback

Let us know what you think about this budget engagement document through one of the methods below. Please submit your feedback by 4th January 2022:

If you have any queries about this engagement please call 0300 123 55 00 or email our research and consultation team at RandC@cheshireeast.gov.uk.

Outcomes from last year's budget engagement

Future involvement

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Your comments

Add your comments about the Budget Engagement below.

We moderate all comments before we make them public. We try to approve new comments as soon as possible, though our core hours for approvals are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Moderation rules (PDF, 39KB).

We will publish your name alongside your comment, but not your email addresses. We ask for your email address in case we need to contact you about your comment. If you wish to remain anonymous, put "Anonymous" in the name box.

Comments, alongside names, will also be included in reports of engagement responses, which will be distributed to key decision makers and published on the website.

  • David Jenkins
    1. 25 November 2021 at 7:13PM, David Jenkins wrote

    The council spends a big portion of its budget 60% on social care for adults and children and these costs are rising larger and larger each year faster than everything else? It spends all its money on social care which only benefits a very few ?? The number of people dependent on the state is increasing year on year, we are moving towards a 'dependent' society or dare I say it a socialist society. The council should be telling families and communities to look after themselves not bailing everyone out at my expense. Our societies are not getting any younger and we can't be propped up by the state. Thats not a sustainable model. Youve got to think outside the box, youve got to think better and more clearly please.

  • Andrew shaw
    2. 03 December 2021 at 8:25AM, Andrew shaw wrote

    Utility companies and their contractors must be held responsible for not reinstating our roads properly

    Why should we pay for their shoddy work

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