Council and Democracy

Covid-19 and council meetings.

Due to the change in legislation prohibiting decision making by councillors at meetings held online, the Council will now be holding in person meetings.

Please check on the agenda for each meeting as to the location for the meeting and contact the member of the Democratic Services team listed at the end of the agenda for more information.  If you plan to attend a meeting it would be helpful if you could notify Democratic Services in advance of the meeting in order to assist with the management of meeting room maximum capacities while social distancing remains in force.

How to access council meetings without attending in person

Covid-19: How to access council meetings without attending

Members of the public interested in a particular meeting do not have to attend in person. Many of the council’s committees and other meetings, are audio webcast so that you can listen to the proceedings from another location.

To do this, simply select the meeting on the calendar on the council’s website and this will take you to the agenda webpage. When the webcast starts, a bar will appear above the list of agenda items. Click on ‘start’ to listen to the proceedings.

If you wish to make a comment or ask a question at the meeting you can email your comment or question to the contact or mailbox referred to on the agenda webpage by clicking on the email address link.

Comments and questions are required to be submitted at least three clear working days before the meeting.The chairman will then either respond at the meeting or undertake to respond to you in writing.

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