What do we fund?

The aim of the Community Grants Scheme is to support not for profit Organisations (voluntary and community groups, and registered charities) with small scale projects, events and activities, and community led planning that will improve the quality of life for local communities. 

The tables below show what we fund under the 3 categories. 

What do we fund
KeyFacilities (up to £5,000)Any buildings used for community purposes, open space areas, play areas                              
A Renovations / improvements to buildings, sports and play areas, conservation areas
B Towards third party funding i.e. WREN, Big Lottery, etc.
C Equipment such as kitchen furniture, tables, chairs, sensory or play rooms etc
D Feasibility studies or architects fees up to a maximum of 5% of the costs
What do we fund
KeyActivities (up to £1,000)Activities which contribute to the development and wellbeing of the community and are ongoing throughout the year.
A Equipment/materials or specialist kit to help the organisation develop 
B Training courses
C Specialist coaching or teaching sessions
D Contributions towards running costs - excluding salaries(for new organisations only)
What do we fund
KeyEvents (up to £1,000)Events that are classed as one-off annual events which benefit whole communities and include these communities in the organisation and planning of events.
A Equipment/materials
B Hire or purchase of equipment or performers for events / fetes / carnivals  
C Publicity / advertising / promotions

Please note that projects funded under the activities category must be completed within 6 months of the offer letter.

We do not fund

  • Work which has already taken place before receipt of offer letter
  • General appeals or sponsorship; fundraising for national, local charities (including local branches) or other local organisations
  • Activities of a mainly political or religious nature
  • Assistance with providing transport
  • Refreshments and/or accommodation
  • Outings
  • Travel expenses
  • Events which do not involve members of the local community participating
  • Repair costs where deterioration is due to neglect
  • Loan against loss or debt
  • Administration expenses i.e. postage, telephone, utilities etc
  • Running costs i.e. gas, electricity, water, salaries, insurance, rent etc
  • Land purchase
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Disabled facilities where there is no proven need for the work to be carried out or where you are upgrading an existing facility in order to meet the statutory requirements of the DDA.
  • Organisations which hold substantial free reserves, including local branches of national or regional Organisations which hold free reserves that could be utilised; 
  • Applications from Town and Parish Councils; 
  • Individuals; 
  • Projects, activities or events organised for the sole benefit of students of a school or college; 
  • Items that are purchased on behalf of another Organisation; 
  • Organisations which are not based in Cheshire East, unless they can demonstrate significant community benefits within Cheshire East.