Macclesfield Community Governance Review

Cheshire East Council has committed to a programme of devolving services and assets to local groups and Parish Councils that will be able to run those services more effectively.

As Macclesfield did not have a Parish / Town Council, this review offered the opportunity to look at all the options available for Macclesfield. Although Parish/Town Councils are widely seen as the most local form of community governance there are other options which were considered.

The Council’s Community Governance Review Sub-Committee considered the options for Macclesfield and the views of residents and stakeholders in order to make recommendations to the Council on the best governance arrangements for Macclesfield.

Stage one

The first stage of the Community Governance Review involved consultation with residents and stakeholders on the preferred governance options and took place from 24 June to 23 July 2013.

A series of 8 public meetings were held in July 2013 and stakeholders (such as local businesses and community organisations) were contacted direct, when they and members of the public were invited to submit their views on what they felt was the best option for Macclesfield.

During stage 1 of the Review views were sought on the seven different options of No Change; One or more Parish / Town Councils; Community Forums; Community Development Trusts; Neighbourhood Management; Residents’ and Tenants’ Associations; or Community Associations.

What are the Options?

Stage two

Once the first stage of consultation was completed, the Community Governance Review Sub-Committee considered the feedback received, with a view to refining the seven options for the next stage of public consultation. Electors in Macclesfield were then consulted, by way of a postal voting paper, in early July 2014. The closing date for receipt was 28 July – 5pm.

Based upon the public feedback received, the Community Governance Review Sub- Committee decided that the second stage of consultation would focus upon two possible options for Macclesfield – these being “Parishing” (i.e. A Single Parish / Town Council for the whole of Macclesfield ; or 7 smaller Parish Councils (based on existing Borough Ward Boundaries); or an Enhanced Macclesfield Local Service Delivery Committee (consisting of the 12 Cheshire East Councillors which represent the Macclesfield Wards).

Please view the result of the consultation voting with local government electors (PDF, 33KB)

Final stage consultation

Following public consultation, Cheshire East Council made recommendations for the creation of a parish council for Macclesfield, comprising a total of 12 Councillors. It was proposed that seven parish wards be created, based on the existing Borough Ward boundaries, as indicated below, and that elections be held on Thursday 7 May 2015.

Map of Macclesfield - unparished areas (PDF, 8MB) (Please note this map will be inaccessible to users of assistive technology.)

Number of parish councillors by parish ward
Name of parish wardNumber of parish councillors
Broken Cross and Upton 2
Macclesfield Central 2
Macclesfield East 1
Macclesfield Hurdsfield 1
Macclesfield South (except for Polling District 4BFR) 2
Macclesfield Tytherington 2
Macclesfield West and Ivy 2

The community governance review for Macclesfield was carried out in 2015. 

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