Crewe Community Governance Review

Cheshire East Council has committed to a programme of transferring services and assets to a more local level that best reflects local needs and aspirations. Services may well be passed down to Parish/Town Councils as they are, arguably, the most local form of community governance. Because Crewe does not have a Parish/Town Council, Cheshire East Council feels that it is appropriate to put in place governance arrangements that best reflect the needs of local people.

Outcome of the Crewe Community Governance Review

Cheshire East has now issued a public notice which sets out the outcome of the Crewe Community Governance Review.

About The Consultation

For three weeks from Monday 11 June 2012 residents and stakeholders in the town had the chance to give their views on matters such as the warding arrangements for the council. At the Cheshire East Annual Council meeting on 16 May 2012 the Council agreed that a single town council should be created for the unparished area of Crewe. This followed the ballot that took place in February 2012 (details below). The proposed town council will have a total of 16 town councillors. There will be six wards, the boundaries of which are shown on the map of Crewe.

The number of Councillors proposed for each ward is shown in the table below:

WardNumber of Councillors
Crewe St Barnabas 2
Crewe Central 2
Crewe North 2
Crewe South 3
Crewe East 4
Crewe West 3
Total 16

Cheshire East Council I asked for your views on whether these proposals are the best option for the governance of Crewe. The deadline for the submission of comments on the proposals was 2 July 2012.

Residents living in a small ‘unparished’ part of Leighton were also being consulted over whether they want to be governed by the new Crewe town council or the existing Minshull Vernon and District Parish Council. If they opted for Crewe, they would be included in the St Barnabas ward. A ballot paper on this question was being sent to those residents.

Results of Ballot

In February 2012 Cheshire East Council completed the ballot stage of the consultation which involved all households in the unparished parts of Crewe.
Cheshire East Council received 12,200 responses to the ballot, which is an overall response rate of 32% of the electorate.

The results of the ballot are as follows:

Ballot results
 DecisionNumber of votes% of ballot responses% of electorate
YES to a single Town Council for Crewe: 10,810 votes 88.5% 28.6%
NO to a single Town Council for Crewe: 1,390 votes 11.5% 3.7%

Since The Ballot

The Crewe Community Governance Review Sub-Committee and the Constitution Committee have considered the results of the ballot and other representations and have made recommendations for the formation of a Crewe Town Council. The Sub-Committee also proposed the desired timetable (which may be subject to change) for stage two consultations and the final stages of the review.

The outcome of the review

Cheshire East has now published its Outcome of the Crewe Community Governance Review.

What happens next

The first election of councillors took place of 4th April 2013 - Crewe Parish Council Election Results

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