Appeals procedure: how to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Important - policies set out in this document provide guidance only.

Each case must be considered on its own merits, taking into account all of the evidence available and the exceptionality of the circumstances.

How to appeal or challenge a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket)

  1. Please read the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) carefully.
  2. Review the contravention to ascertain why the PCN was issued.
  3. Consult the mitigating circumstances bearing in mind that Parking Services will require accurate and supporting evidence to substantiate your challenge.
  4. Make your Penalty Charge Notice challenge online or you can challenge by post with the details below.
  5. Once your challenge is received Parking Services will consider your appeal, letting you know their decision by postal letter:
    • If the challenge is accepted the PCN is cancelled with immediate effect.
    • If you challenge the PCN within 14 days and the challenge is rejected this Council will generally extend the period within which the reduced Penalty Charge amount may be paid. We will send a letter explaining the reason for our decision not to accept the challenge.
    • If you make a challenge after 14 days and it is rejected, we will not normally allow the reduced amount to be paid.

If the rejected challenge is not accepted then a second challenge will only be considered if further mitigating evidence is produced. However should this second challenge fail the full penalty charge will be payable.

Once a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued, the Civil Enforcement Officers themselves cannot withdraw it for any reason.

Challenge a PCN online

You can challenge your PCN using the online PCN challenge form.

Challenge a PCN by post

To challenge a PCN by post please send to:

Cheshire East Borough Council
Parking Services
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

Please quote the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number, postal address, and registration number shown on the PCN in all correspondence

If the Penalty Charge Notice is not paid or challenged

If the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is not paid on or before the end of the 28 day period as specified on the Notice, or the PCN is not successfully challenged, the Council may serve a Notice to Owner (NTO) on the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle requiring full payment of the Penalty Charge.

The registered keeper or owner can then make representation to the Council and may appeal to an Independent Adjudicator if these representations are rejected. The NTO will contain instructions for doing this. If you challenge the PCN and the Council issues an NTO, the owner must follow the instructions on the NTO.

Any subsequently rejected challenges that result in an unpaid penalty charge will be registered as a debt at the County Court.

Further information about Civil Parking Enforcement is available on the PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) website.

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