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The Council is currently looking at introducing some Residents Parking Schemes. This will always be carried out with full consultation of the relevant people – residents, local businesses etc. The notes below give a guide to residents parking and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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The purpose of residents parking schemes

In many areas it is difficult for residents to park, due to long term parking by commuters, shoppers and tourists. The purpose of the scheme is to stop this and allow the spaces to be used mainly for the benefit of residents.

How would the scheme operate?

  • Parking bays will be marked and signed on-street as required.
  • All spaces will be available for all permit holders within a zone.
  • The total number of spaces will remain broadly the same but may be reduced in some cases.
  • During the operating times and days long term parking will only be allowed with a valid  permit. 
  • Permits will only be available to residents (with a few exceptions).
  • During the operating times and days people without permits can park, to facilitate the activity of loading or unloading.
  • Outside of the operating times and days anyone can park within the bays.
  • Note- A scheme will generally operate between 08:00-18:00 Mon - Fri or Mon –Sat. Some Schemes may be in operation 7 days a week depending on local conditions and needs.

Who would qualify for a permit?

Residents who can prove that they are resident within the zone will be eligible to apply for a permit. Permit eligibility will be reduced or removed if the resident has their own off road parking space(s) available. For example where a scheme offers two permits per household and one off road space is available then only one permit could be applied for. With two off road spaces no residents permits would be allowed. This would not, however, affect their rights to visitors permits.

How much will it cost me?

Decisions on costs have not yet been made but there are significant costs involved to design, install and administer a scheme. These costs are expected to be decided soon and will be announced then.

Where can I park?

Residents will be able to park in bays in an allocated zone. Individual parking spaces WILL NOT be allocated to individual permit holders or properties.

What is a zone?

A number of streets will be grouped together to form a zone. This is because parking will not be possible or restricted in certain streets and there is a need to balance demand within the zone. Residents must be allowed to use the streets nearby. There may be several zones within a town. A permit will only be valid for the zone for which it was issued.

Will I be guaranteed a parking space?

No. However, in areas with a lot of commuter parking at present you will have a much better chance of finding a space. Schemes will be designed to meet the needs of residents and will not be introduced where these needs cannot be reasonably met.

Why isn’t the number of permits limited to the number of spaces?

This would effectively require a lottery to decide which residents would be allowed to park. This could lead to the situation that some residents would not be able to park even though there were empty spaces. Not all residents cars are parked outside their residencies all of the time. The scheme would be designed to meet average daily needs rather than maximum possible needs.

Why doesn't the scheme operate at night?

The scheme is aimed at removing commuter parking. Restrictions on residents and their visitors are not justified during this time.

Who else can park in the zone?

Residents with permits can park all the time but limited waiting will also be available in some bays for others. This will allow visitors, carers, workmen and loading and unloading. Close to a town centre any waiting bays will be restricted to a short time (e.g. 1 hour), at a greater distance from the town centre longer waiting can be allowed (e.g. 2 hours).

What about long term visitors?

All schemes will be designed to allow longer term visitors either by the use of passes or scratch cards.

My vehicle is essential for my business - will I qualify for a permit? What about my customers?

Businesses located within schemes will be considered for permits for essential vehicles to park on-street. There may also be an opportunity for passes for a limited number of customer parking spaces. This will depend on the individual scheme and the needs within that zone. Loading and unloading is allowed with or without a permit and customers will also have access to the limited waiting bays.

I depend on a carer, how will they be able to park?

A carer could either use the short term parking or, if they needed to stay longer, a carer’s permit could be issued. Carer’s permits can be issued to those with need who do not have a car or as well as any residents permits they may qualify for.

I have a disabled badge how does the scheme affect me?

Disabled badge holders will be permitted to park under the provisions of the Blue Badge Scheme. For example a disabled badge can be used to park a vehicle all day without restrictions in a limited waiting bay. Where no limited waiting bays are located near the residence separate arrangements will apply. No disabled badge holder will be disadvantaged by any scheme.

What happens if I change vehicle or address?

If you move into a different residents parking area your permit can be exchanged. However if you move out of the area you must surrender the permit. You will receive a pro-rata rebate. If you change your vehicle you must ensure that the permit is returned and re-issued to reflect the changes.

How will this scheme be enforced?

The Councils own Civil Enforcement Officers currently controlling parking restrictions will enforce the scheme and issue tickets to all vehicles not displaying a valid permit or not following the rules of the scheme e.g. overstaying in the limited waiting bays.

I have more questions - who can I speak to?

If you have further questions you can contact us by email:, or by post at:

Cheshire East Council
Parking Services Office
For attn. of Steve Pearson-Adams
Municipal Building
Earle Street
CW1 2B

Alternatively if you feel a scheme may be appropriate to your area you may contact your local Councillor.

Contact us

Parking Enquiries
Cheshire East Council

0300 123 5020

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