Car Parks – regulations and conditions of use

Charges are applied to the car parks we manage in order to ensure spaces are made available to as many customers as possible. The charges are applied on a zonal basis within towns so that those nearest the business districts are managed for shorter stay, with outer zones providing longer stay parking.

After parking your vehicle you are not permitted to leave the car park to obtain change for the ticket machine or before purchasing a RingGo parking session.

1. Parking Regulations: Contraventions of these are enforceable under Traffic Management Act 2004 as contained in our Off Street Parking Place Orders:

  • at the time of parking all parked vehicles must either display a valid fee paid ticket or have purchased a valid pay by phone session  
  • vehicles must be parked wholly within a marked bay (large vehicles/motorhomes which occupy more than 1 bay must display a pay and display ticket for each bay occupied)
  • tickets are non-transferable between vehicles and car parks
  • disabled Spaces are reserved for Blue Badge Holders only
  • blues badges must be displayed in accordance with guidelines given in the scheme booklet
  • return of a vehicle to a car park within one hour after expiry of its ticket is prohibited
  • no parking is permitted in reserved bays/reserved parking places without a valid permit

2. Car Park Conditions of Use: enforceable by other legal action by the Council or Police:

  • only motor cars, motor cycles, other motor vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, invalid carriages and disabled persons vehicles are permitted to park
  • all parked vehicles must be licensed and insured
  • drivers are required to stop the engine once the vehicle is in position in the parking place
  • no person shall shout or otherwise make any loud noise to the disturbance of users of the car park or residents in the neighbourhood
  • no person shall in the parking place use any threatening, abusive or insulting language, gesture or conduct with intent to put a person at fear or so as to occasion a breach of the peace or whereby a breach of the peace is likely to be considered
  • no person shall use the parking place as a means of passage from one road to another road
  • no person shall erect a tent, booth, stand, building or other structure in the car park without the Council’s written consent
  • no person shall cause or permit to be lit any fire
  • no person shall use any vehicle parked in the car park in connection with the sale of any article or the sale of any skills or services
  • no person shall use the car park for sleeping, camping, cooking or eating or for servicing or washing any vehicle (except where necessary to enable such a vehicle to depart from the parking place)
  • no unnecessary sounding of any horn of any vehicle or similar instrument is to be made in the car park
  • markings indicating entrance and exit and direction of traffic should be adhered to