On street residents, business and carers parking permits

Cheshire East Council is now able to offer permits for Residents Parking Schemes. Any scheme will always be introduced with full consultation of all the relevant people including residents and local businesses.

How to apply

Print off an application form and apply for a permit only if your area has already had a scheme approved. Note: a price increase came into effect on 13 Mar 2019 and any permits valid from or on that date will pay the new rate. It is not advisable to send cash through the post.

Check current status of Resident Parking Schemes.

Current Status of Resident Parking Schemes
ZoneAreaStatusNext action
A Hawthorn Walk, Wilmslow Live  
B Wycliffe Avenue, Wilmslow Live  
C Altrincham Road, Wilmslow Live  
D Old Market Place, Knutsford Live  
E Gaskell Avenue, Knutsford Live  
F Cumberland / Brock Street, Macclesfield Live  
G Stonehouse Green, Congleton Live  
H Prestbury Road area, Macclesfield Live  
J Park Road Area, Congleton Live  
K Kinsey Street Area, Congleton Live  
L Ladyfield/Bollin Walk, Wilmslow Live  
M Gladstone Street, Willaston Live  
N Lydiat Lane Area, Alderley Edge Live  
P Clifton Street, Alderley Edge Live  
R Hungerford Road Area, Crewe Live  
S St James Drive Area, Wilmslow Live  
T Church View Holmes Chapel Live  
U Darlington Street Middlewich Scheme abandoned following objections  
V Clark Lane Macclesfield Live  
W Boden Street Macclesfield Live  
A1 Cottage Street Area Macclesfield Live  
A2 Green Street Area Macclesfield Live  

If you wish your area to be considered for a scheme please read the policy carefully and, if you think your area is suitable, get in touch with the council and request consideration.

Application packs will be delivered to all properties within the parking zones, or can be downloaded from the following links. All forms must be completed by hand and returned with copies of the requested documentary evidence. The forms may be inaccessible for users with assistive technologies.

Completed form and payment (if appropriate) should be posted to:

Parking Services
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

Information packs and application forms




Change of vehicle registration number on a current permit

Permanent vehicle change requests are charged at £10 per change.

If you hold a current resident permit and are permanently changing your vehicle then you will  need to have your current permit amended. Please telephone 0300 123 5020 to obtain a unique reference number as this number is required to be displayed in your new vehicle alongside your current permit, failure to display this reference number may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

A unique reference number will only be issued on receipt of completed form and a £10.00 change of vehicle payment has been made.

This unique reference number will be valid for 8 weeks to allow time for you to submit copies of the log book  to us. On receipt of this documentation a full permit will then be issued.

On receipt of your new permit, the old permit must be returned to us as failure to do so may incur a £10.00 cost

Courtesy car

If you hold a current resident permit but have to use a courtesy car then please telephone 0300 123 5020 to obtain a unique reference number to display alongside your current permit, failure to display this reference number may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.  This unique reference number will be valid for 2 weeks. If you need to extend this then please call us back.

Visitors parking permit scratch cards

Visitors scratch cards are available to any household in the relevant zone even if they have not applied for a permit or do not own a vehicle.

A maximum batch of up to 4 books of 10 scratch cards are available at half price on initial application or at same annual date application (anniversary of first purchase). Applications made for discounted scratch cards can only be made annually. Scratch cards ordered at any other time will be at full cost even if the annual entitlement has not been fully used. If it has been over six months since you last purchased scratch cards you must provide a copy of a recent utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) to confirm your residence.

On receipt of your payment, completed application form and copy utility bill (if required) we will then supply your scratch cards within 7 working days. All scratch cards will be sent via Royal Mail and we do not offer a same day collection service.

Contract parking

If you are interested in a permit for one of our car parks, details can be found on our Contract Parking Permits page.

Renewal of current permit

If you already have a resident permit you will need to arrange renewal of the permit at least 4 weeks prior to the expiry date.

For renewals, complete the application form for Residents Parking Permit (PDF,1MB) which caters for both new and renewal applications.

Send a completed renewal form along with a copy of your V5 and proof of residency and the £60.00 renewal fee, quoting your current permit number to Parking Services, Cheshire East Council, Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe CW1 2BJ. Or visit the Customer Centre in Macclesfield Town Hall to make your payment and present your forms and identification.

To renew a carers permit the renewal form should be completed by the householder not the carer - if the care requirement is  temporary then a further letter will be required from the Doctor. If the care requirement is permanent and a doctors letter has previously been provided then only a completed application form is required. Whether the care requirement is temporary or permanent, a copy of a recent utility bill must accompany the application form to confirm continued residence at the property.

Current schemes

The following document and drawings give full details of the status and location of the current schemes:

Zones and eligible addresses

All listed street names are eligible for permits, for use within the defined Scheme as shown in the Working Drawing for the individual zone.

All listed street names are eligible for permits unless they have off street parking spaces (including garages).

If off street parking is available for 2 vehicles then no permits will be issued but the applicant will still be eligible for scratch cards.

If off street parking is available for 1 vehicle then only 1 permit will be issued, scratch cards will also be available.

If no off street parking is available then 2 permits may be issued along with any requests for scratch cards.

Alderley Edge

Zone N:

  • Thurston Green - all properties
  • Carlisle Street - all properties
  • Lydiat Lane - all properties
  • South Terrace - all properties
  • Beech Cottages - all properties
  • Netherfields - all properties
  • South Grove - properties odd numbers 1 to 5
    • properties even numbers 4 to 12
  • Chorley Hall Lane - properties odd numbers 1 to 29
    • properties even numbers 2 to 18

Zone P - Clifton Street - all properties


Zone G:

  • Stonehouse Green - all properties

Zone J:

  • Park Road - all properties
  • Park View - all properties
  • Worral Street - properties odd numbers 1 to 7
    • properties even numbers 2 to 10

Zone K:

  • Kinsey Street - all properties
  • Tanner Street - all properties
  • Park Street - all properties
  • Bark Street - all properties
  • Bank Street - all properties
  • Back Park Street - all properties


Zone R:

  • Fernbank Close - all properties
  • Hungerford Road - properties even numbers 310 to 374
    • properties odd numbers 299 to 369
  • Hungerford Terrace - all properties
  • Lyncroft Close - all properties

Holmes Chapel

Zone T:

  • Church view - all properties


Zone D:

  • Old Market Place - properties odd numbers 13 to 23

Zone E:

  • Gaskell Avenue - all properties


Zone A1:

  • Cottage Street Odd numbers 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27

  • Oxford Road Odd numbers 43,45,47,49,51,53,55,57,59,61,63,65,67,69
  • Beswick Street Odd numbers 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,19A, 21-25
  • Beswick Street Even numbers 12,14,16,18, 20, 22, 24

  • Crompton Road number 52

Zone A2 :

  • Green Street   even numbers 6,8, 22 through to 66
  • Fountain Street  even numbers 18 through to 52, odd numbers 7 through to 31
  • Flint Street even numbers 14 through to 20, odd numbers 1 through to 19
  • Canal Street even numbers 30 through to 36, odd numbers 29 through to 41
  • Daintry Street all properties
  • Glegg Street all properties
  • Fountain Mews all properties

Zone F:

  • Brock Street - all properties south of Hibel Road
  • Cumberland Street - all properties between its junctions with Jordangate and Hibel Road

 Zone H:

  • Riseley Street - all properties
  • Hope Street West - all properties
  • Walker Street - all properties
  • Sharpley Street - all properties
  • Boothby Street - all properties
  • Grosvenor Street - all properties
  • Prestbury Road - properties odd numbered 13 to 71
    • properties even numbered 8 to 70
  • Longacre Street - properties odd numbered 3 to 17
    • properties even numbered 2 to 12

Zone V:

  • Clarke Lane - properties 1 - 7 inclusive

Zone W:

  • Boden Street - all properties


Zone M:

  • Gladstone Street  - all properties


Zone A:

  • Hawthorne Walk - all domestic properties

Zone B:

  • Wycliffe Avenue - all properties

Zone C:

  • Altrincham Road - properties numbered 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 only

Zone L:

  • Ladyfield Street - all properties
  • Ladyfield Terrace - all properties
  • Mopmakers Green - all properties
  • Bollin Walk - all properties

Zone S:

  • St James’ Drive - All properties
  • Sandringham Way - All properties
  • Balmoral Way - All properties
  • Gatcombe Mews - All properties
  • Kensington Court - All properties
  • Highgrove Mews - All properties
  • Clarence Court - All properties

The purpose of residents parking schemes

In many areas it is difficult for residents to park, due to long term parking by commuters, shoppers and visitors. The purpose of any scheme is to stop this and allow the spaces to be used mainly for the benefit of residents.

Contact us

Parking Enquiries - Cheshire East Council


0300 123 5020

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