Resident Parking Permits for car parks

Only a certain number of resident permits are issued on each car park, at the moment availability is extremely limited and you may not be able to purchase a permit until there are vacancies. Your name will go on a waiting list and we will contact you should a vacancy become available. We cannot offer any alternative parking arrangements and if you park on the car park then you must purchase and display a fee paid ticket as appropriate.

Residents parking permit

Residents of Macclesfield, Knutsford and Nantwich defined town centres may be entitled to apply for a Residents Parking Permit.

To be eligible you must be a permanent resident of Macclesfield, Knutsford or Nantwich and are on, or have applied and are waiting to be put on, the Register of Electors at the application address.

You will have to produce your vehicle registration document (the vehicle must be registered at the address from which you are making your application) and a Council Tax Demand Notice a bank statement or a Utilities bill.

A specific resolution of the Council at Highway Committee on 07/09/2000, excludes new developments from this scheme. Residents must have no access to private off street parking facilities and have no potential to make such provision. In addition, on street parking restrictions must exist which prevent the possibility of residents parking outside or near to their homes during the working day.

Two resident permits are issued per eligible household and run for 12 months from the date of issue. The first permit is charged at £60.00 and the second at £75.00. Reminders are not sent to renew the permits, a new application must be submitted before the expiry of the current permit. For further information please contact us.

To apply, please call in to the Customer Centre at the Town Hall with your documentation and payment.

Residents parking permits application forms

Change of vehicle registration number on a current resident permit

Permanent vehicle change requests are charged at £10 per change.

If you hold a current resident permit and are permanently changing your vehicle then you will  need to have your current permit amended. Please telephone 0300 123 5020 to obtain a unique reference number as this number is required to be displayed in your new vehicle alongside your current permit, failure to display this reference number may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice. A unique reference number will only be issued on receipt of completed form and £10.00 change of vehicle payment has been made.

This unique reference number will be valid for 8 weeks to allow time for you to submit a copy of the log book  to us. On receipt of this documentation a full permit will be then be issued.

On receipt of your new permit, the old permit must be returned as failure to do so may incur a £10.00 cost.

Courtesy car

If you hold a current resident permit but have to use a courtesy car then please telephone 0300 123 5020 to obtain a unique reference number to display alongside your current permit, failure to display this reference number may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.  This unique reference number will be valid for 2 weeks. If you need to extend this then please call us back.

Renewal of existing residents parking permits

If you already have a resident permit, you will need to arrange renewal of the permit at least 4 weeks prior to the expiry date. In order to do this you will need to send a copy of a recent utility bill along with the renewal fee and the permit number to:

Parking Services
Cheshire East Council
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

Alternatively you may call into the Customer Centre in Macclesfield Town Hall to make your payment and produce the necessary paperwork.

Street addresses in residents parking permits scheme

The following lists show all the addresses that fall within each defined town centre.


  • Canute Place (2 - 12 and White Bear Yd)
  • Church Hill
  • Church View
  • Coronation Square
  • King Street
  • Leaks Terrace
  • Minshull Street
  • Princess Street
  • Red Cow Yard
  • Silk Mill Street
  • Slaters Yard
  • Tatton Street (1 to 45)
  • White Bear Yard


  • Albert Place
  • Allen Street
  • Backwallgate
  • Boden Street
  • Bridge Street (1 - 96)
  • Brock Street (91 - 111)
  • Brook Street (1 - 24a)
  • Brunswick Hill
  • Brunswick Street
  • Brunswick Terrace
  • Castle Street
  • Catherine Street
  • Charlotte Street
  • Charlotte Street West
  • Chatham Street
  • Chapel Side
  • Chester Road (1 - 7)
  • Chestergate including St. Georges Court (excludes 4 – 8 Chestergate)
  • Church Street
  • Church Street West
  • Churchill Way
  • Churchside
  • Cumberland Street (1-82)
  • Duke Street
  • Exchange Street
  • Exchange Street East
  • Exchange Close
  • George Street
  • George Street West
  • Great King Street (1 - 85)
  • Hibel Road
  • Jordangate
  • King Edward Road
  • King Edward Street (excludes Little Street Mill)
  • Little Street
  • Lower Bank Street (2 - 12)
  • Lower Exchange Street
  • Market Place
  • Mill Street
  • 108 Steps
  • Park Green
  • Park Lane (1 - 37)
  • Parsonage Street
  • Pickford Street (excludes Alma Mill)
  • Pierce Street (1 - 27)
  • Pinfold Street
  • Queen Victoria Street
  • Roe Street
  • St Michaels Terrace
  • Samuel Street
  • Shaw Street (1 - 34)
  • Short Street
  • Stanley Place
  • Step Hill
  • Sunderland Street
  • Townley Place
  • Townley Street (excludes Townley Street Mill)
  • Unicorn Gateway
  • Union Gateway
  • Wardle Street
  • Water Street
  • Waterloo Street West
  • Waters Green
  • Westminster Street
  • Wood Street

The only car parks available in Nantwich are Love Lane and Bowling Green (subject to availability) and the qualifying streets are:

  • Hospital Street
  • Churchyard Side
  • Mill Street
  • Barker Street
  • Love Lane
  • Pillory Street

Contact us

Parking Enquiries - Cheshire East Council

0300 123 5020

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