Parking dispensation

A Parking Dispensation is a granted right to parked vehicle(s) where they would not normally be able to park or for longer than the permitted time. This is granted when the applicant can prove that it is essential to have their vehicle(s) at that location to carry out work.

Applications must be made by email, giving 2 weeks notice and addressed to 

Parking fees

Parking fees
Per vehicle  1 £15.00
Per vehicle 2 £20.00
Per vehicle 3 £50.00
Per vehicle 4 £70.00
Per vehicle 5 £90.00
Per vehicle 6 £105.00
Per vehicle 7 £110.00
Per vehicle 8 £140.00
Per vehicle 9 £160.00
Per vehicle 10 £180.00

Dispensations will only normally be issued for a period of up to 2 weeks. If the dispensation is required for longer, then a new application should be made when the initial 2 week dispensation is due to expire.

When making your application you will need to provide:

  • date dispensation required
  • vehicle details (make, model and colour)
  • vehicle registration number
  • street/address where dispensation is required

Examples where Parking Dispensations will be granted :

  • clearing drains where jetting equipment is an integral part of the vehicle
  • film crews where vehicle is essential to operate equipment

Examples where Parking Dispensations will not be granted:

  • builders vans - for convenient access to tools/supplies - this is not essential and they would be advised to unload their vehicle and then park in a permitted area.
  • moving house - this is an example of loading/unloading and as such does not require a dispensation.