Pay a parking penalty 

To pay your parking penalty you will need the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number. The PCN number is printed at the top of the ticket and starts with the letters GA.

Example Parking Charge Notice (PCN) showing the location of the PCN number

When to pay and how much to pay

You must pay within 28 days unless you challenge the notice.

If you pay within 14 days of the date of the notice you get a 50% discount.

If you do not pay within 56 days, you must pay an extra 50%.

Penalty notice charges and what you pay
Penalty amount  What you pay if you pay within 14 days What you pay if you pay after 56 days 
£70 £35 £105
£50 £25 £75

You must pay the amount due in one payment. You cannot pay by instalments. 

We will take action if you do not pay within 28 days.

Pay a parking penalty online

Paying online is the quickest and easiest way to pay a parking penalty charge.

All you need is a debit or credit card and the penalty charge notice number.  

Pay a parking penalty online

Other ways to pay a parking penalty

Pay a parking penalty by phone - 24 hour automated line 0300 123 5039

To pay by phone, you will need a debit or credit card and the Penalty Charge Notice number.

When you enter the PCN number, replace each letter with a star *.

Do not end the call until you have been issued with an authorisation code -  this confirms that the payment has been successful.

Send a cheque to us with the payment slip 

Cheshire East Borough Council Parking Services
Municipal Buildings

For cheque payments, make the cheque payable to Cheshire East Borough Council and write the Penalty Charge Notice number on the back. We do not accept post-dated cheques.

What happens if you do not pay a parking penalty

We will send you a Charge Certificate if you do not pay a parking penalty within 56 days of the date of the Penalty Charge Notice or within the time limits allowed during the challenge and appeal process. Once we have issued a Charge Certificate, you have no further right to appeal. 

If you then do not pay within14 days, we register the debt at the County Court Traffic Enforcement Centre. This costs £8, which is added to your debt. The Court will send you a court order (also known as an 'order of recovery').giving you 21 days to pay or to challenge the order. For more information, see court process and grounds for challenging a parking penalty court order.

If you do not pay or challenge the order within 21 days, the Court will pass the debt to enforcement officers (bailiffs). Their costs then will be added to what you owe. These enforcement costs can be a lot more than the parking ticket itself.