Parking dispensations

We can sometimes allow vehicles to park where they would not normally be able to or for longer then the permitted time. This is called a parking dispensation. We can only do this when it is essential for the vehicle to be at the location to carry out work. 

When we can give a parking dispensation

Examples where we will give a parking dispensation:

  • for clearing drains, where jetting equipment is an integral part of the vehicle
  • for film crews, where the vehicle is essential to operate equipment

Examples where we will not give a parking dispensation:

  • for builder's vans wanting convenient access to tools/supplies - this is not essential, and you should instead unload the van and then park in a permitted area
  • for moving house - you can park to load and unload without a dispensation 

Parking dispensation fees

Parking fees
Per vehicle  1 £15.00
Per vehicle 2 £20.00
Per vehicle 3 £50.00
Per vehicle 4 £70.00
Per vehicle 5 £90.00
Per vehicle 6 £105.00
Per vehicle 7 £110.00
Per vehicle 8 £140.00
Per vehicle 9 £160.00
Per vehicle 10 £180.00

How to apply for a parking dispensation

To ask for a parking dispensation, email our parking team at least 2 weeks before you need the dispensation. 

Give us the following information: 

  • date dispensation required
  • vehicle details (make, model and colour)
  • vehicle registration number
  • street/address/car park where dispensation is required

You will also need to send payment. You can call us on 0300 123 5020 to make payment or send a cheque made out to Cheshire East Borough Council to:

Parking Services
Cheshire East Council
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street
CW1 2BJ 

We will send you a dispensation pass. You must display this clearly on the driver's side of the windscreen. If the pass is not clearly displayed, you may get a penalty charge notice (ticket) and you will be liable to pay the charge.

We normally only give a dispensation for up to 2 weeks. If you need it for longer, you should apply again before the first dispensation runs out.


Contact us

Parking Enquiries - Cheshire East Council

0300 123 5020

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