Motorhomes, larger vehicles and motorcycles

Currently all our car parks limit parking vehicles to cars and LGV (light goods vehicles).

Larger vehicles (or for example vehicles with a trailer attached) must purchase a fee paid ticket for each bay occupied.

Our surfaced car parks have a maximum GVW (gross vehicle weight) of 3.5 tonnes, motor homes that are rated at 3.5 tonnes and no higher, (for eg in the MAM rating) may use car parks listed below if convenient and safe to do so.

Motor Homes should find any verge bays where the vehicle’s rear overhang can allow the vehicle to fit in one bay. Otherwise, the current policy on fee paid car parks is that the motor home driver must purchase two fee paid tickets one for each of the bays occupied or part occupied, for the amount of time they want to park and display them side by side on the dashboard.

Coach Parking

  • Parking for coaches is available on Duke Street car park in Macclesfield. There is a standard daily charge of £5.00 per coach.


Parking for motorcycles is free of charge if parked in a designated motorcycle bay but if a car park space is used then a fee paid ticket must be purchased to cover the period of parking. Three wheel vehicles are classed as a car for parking purposes as they take up a car park space.

Motorcycle bays are available on the following listed car parks:

Crewe car parks
Crewe car parksMotorcycle spaces
Delamere Street 2
Pedley Street 3
Victoria Centre 2
Hope Street 1
Holly Bank 2
Oak Street 4
Edleston Road 1
Nantwich car parks
Nantwich car parksMotorcycle spaces
Bowling Green 2
Snow Hill 1
Civic Hall 2
Macclesfield car parks
Macclesfield car parksMotorcycle spaces
Exchange Street 2
Churchill Way 8