RingGo cashless parking

RingGo Cashless Parking Payments

RingGo is a quick, easy to use mobile phone service, which lets you pay for your parking with a credit or debit card, rather than using cash at a machine. When you park your car in an area featuring the RingGo service, you simply contact RingGo by smartphone app, calling, SMS or on-line, and pay for your parking by phone.

With RingGo:

  • you no longer need to carry change
  • you don’t have to visit a parking machine
  • you don’t need to walk back with a parking ticket – Civil Enforcement Officers check which vehicles are parked with RingGo via their handheld units

The RingGo scheme has recently been extended to incorporate the majority of our pay and display car parks. If your phone is not set to receive  automatic updates then you must do a  location update on the RingGo App, this will update you to the current version which details all the new locations.

Using RingGo does not permit you to pre-book a car park space.  If you choose to pay using RingGo, you must firstly find a space on the car park in which to park your vehicle and then make the appropriate payment.

If you pay twice in error, please contact Cheshire East and we will arrange a refund if applicable.

A convenience fee of 20p will apply to all transactions over 40p commencing 1 August 2017.

Where is RingGo available?

Parking fees can now be paid, by phone, at the following car parks

  • Knutsford: King Street (code 5730), Old Market Place (code 5731), Princess Street (code 5744), Silk Mill Street (code 5733), Tatton Street (code 5734), Booths (code 5771)
  • Macclesfield: Exchange Street (code 5735), Gas Road (code 5736),  Macclesfield Railway Station (code 5737), Waters Green code 5738), Jordangate multi-storey car park (code 5739), Commercial Road (code 5740), Teggs Nose Country Park (code 5741),  Pickford Street (code 5774), Grosvenor multi storey (code 5775), Christchurch (code 5776) Old Library, Parsonage Street (code 5777), Park Green (Code 5779), Sunderland Street (code 5780), Whalley Hayes (code 5781), Duke Street (code 5795, Churchill Way (code 5796), Nelson Pit (5797), Hibel Road (code 88700)
  • Alderley Edge: South Street (code 5751)
  • Wilmslow: Broadway Meadow (code 5742), South Drive (long stay (code 5732), South Drive short stay (code 5743), Spring Street multi-storey car park (code 5745),Rex / Hoopers (code 5792), The Carrs (code 5794)
  • Crewe: Pedley Street/Arthur Street (code 5747); Railway Street (code 5748), Delamere Street (code 5758), Edleston Road (code 5759), Gatefield Street (code 5760), Holly Bank (code 5761), Hope Street (code 5762), Cotterill Street East (code 5763), Civic Centre/Library (code 5764), Chester Street (code 5765), Lyceum Square (code 5766), Oak Street (code 5767), Victoria Centre (code 5768), Wood Street east (code 5769), Wrexham terrace (code 5770), Thomas Street (code 88701)
  • Congleton: Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve (code 5750), Antrobus Street (code 5752), Princess Street (code5753), Fairground (code 5754), Back Park Street (code 5755), Chapel Street (code 5756), West Street (code 5757), Park Street (code 88702)
  • Nantwich: Church Lane (code 5783), Bowling Green (code 5785), Civic Hall (code 5786), Dysart Buildings (code 5787), Snow Hill (code 5788), Market Area (code 5789), Love Lane (code 5790), First Wood Street (code 5791)

Payment by coins will still be available in these car parks. Using a credit or debit card, you can pay for parking, using a mobile phone, by telephoning 020 3046 0010. The service is supplied by RingGo.

How does RingGo work?

A Cheshire East Parking meter fitted with RingGo information

No ticket is needed, simply register with RingGo and you can pay and top up your parking on the move. Parking attendants will look up your number plate on their handheld computer to see if you have made a payment to RingGo.

Registering with RingGo

You can pre-register with RingGo online or by using the RingGo apps for iPhone and Android handsets (downloadable either through your handset or from the Apple store or Android marketplace). 
If you pre-register for the service you will be asked to provide

  • the number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • your payment card details

Alternatively you can register at the same time you want to park, either by using the RingGo apps or by calling RingGo via the number shown on the machine. The national RingGo number, which will work at any RingGo site, is 020 3046 0010.

Paying to park with RingGo - Information

Once registered, RingGo recognises your mobile phone number and retrieves information you have previously given. This means that when you pay you only have to provide

  • the location code where you are parked. Each area offering RingGo has its own individual location number (click for details of locations in your area). Local signs provide this information.  In the example shown, the location code is 8694.
  • the length of time you want to park, and
  • your payment card 3 digit security code

Parking with RingGo – Ways to pay

There are several ways to pay to park with RingGo

  • by iPhone or Android app
  • by calling the phone service
  • by text message
  • through the internet (either via a mobile or pc)
    Details on each are provided below.

iPhone users

ringgo - iphone app qr codeiPhone users can download a RingGo iPhone application (free of charge), through their handset, by scanning the QR code, or from the Apple iTunes store. The app allows you to register for the service, locates your nearest RingGo zone, lets you manage your account and allows you to pay to park directly through the app.

Android phone users

ringgo - android market appRingGo offers a similar application for Android users, with all the same functionality as the iPhone app (register, locate zone, manage account, pay for and extend parking). Download this for free at the Android market (search for RingGo) or scan the image below.

Automated phone service

To use the automated phone service, you simply call the telephone number on the signs when you want to park. RingGo will remember you (by recognising your mobile phone number) and ask you to

  • confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • confirm the location where you want to park
  • say how long you want to stay, and
  • provide the security code from your credit card

Text to park

You can also use the quick and easy RingGo “text to park” option instead. So for instance, sending a message with RingGo 5748 1d 867 M123 ABC to 81025 will park your vehicle for a day in Railway Street car park. 

For details on how to set up the service for your particular location please see the myRingGo text to park information.

Internet options

If you have a phone with mobile internet access, you can use the myRingGo site to pay for your parking. Simply log into the RingGo Website and complete the details. Alternatively you can use the same link from a standard pc or other internet connected device.

For more information on all of these options, please see the RingGo Website.

How much does RingGo cost?

There is no charge for registering with RingGo and no charge for the PIN confirmation text when you set up your account. 
The RingGo iPhone and Android applications are free to download and use. You just pay the parking fee plus any browsing time.

If you call RingGo, the number used is a geographic one, so you are charged the standard rate agreed with your mobile phone operator. However, such calls are often included free within mobile phone packages, so if you receive a free “bundle of minutes”, your call is likely to be included free within this. 

If you use the RingGo “text to park” option, you will pay for the text message at your agreed operator rate. You will also pay a 10p charge for the summary text message (which you automatically receive), providing confirmation of your parking session details.

Parking session confirmation messages and reminder texts (alerting you when your session is about to run out), cost 10p per message. 

Benefits of RingGo - extending your parking session

Unlike normal parking sessions, you can remotely top up your parking fee when you use RingGo. If you want to extend your stay, simply contact RingGo again and the service will ask you

  • how long you want to extend
  • for your card security code

The RingGo system automatically recognises that you have a parking session currently operating. 

Can I get a VAT receipt?

If you need a VAT receipt for your RingGo parking session, you can view and print it online by logging in at www.myringgo.co.uk. If you provide us with your e-mail address, you can opt to receive a receipt automatically every time you park. Just login and add your email address into the Settings menu.
Location numbers

Please visit www.myRingGo.co.uk/whereitworks to see all the location numbers in your area and across the UK.

More information on RingGo

For general information about RingGo please visit the RingGo Website. If you have a specific question about how RingGo operates, please see the RingGo help section which contains a lot of common queries.

Cobalt Telephone Technologies is a British-based company that has developed the RingGo service. We have been operating since 1997 and have been developing and managing innovative automated telephone and web-based solutions since this time.