Storing and selling fireworks

If you want to sell or store fireworks, you need to apply for a licence. Before applying, please read:

Guidance on Regulations - Security Provisions (PDF, 1MB)
Guidance on Regulations - Safety Provisions (PDF, 899KB)
Guidance on Regulations - Fireworks in retail premises (PDF, 702KB)

The Health and Safety Executive website has guidance for businesses on how to store and sell fireworks safely.

How to apply

You can apply for a licence to store fireworks on our explosives licence page

The cost of the licence depends on whether the storage amounts require the observance of separation distances and if you are a new business. The storage amounts will depend on the hazard type of the fireworks. In addition to your application, you must also submit the following supporting documentation with your application:

A Site plan – see note 6 of the guidance notes on the application form

Ordnance Survey Site plan – you must submit this if the store is subject to separation distances (See note 7 of the guidance notes on the application form)

Floor plan (Sales area) – you must submit a floor plan of the sales area if you intend to store or display more than 12.5kg of fireworks on the shop floor (See note 8 of the guidance notes on the application form)

Floor plan – if you intend to store fireworks within a building that is also used for other purposes you must include a floor plan showing the places within the building where you intend storing the fireworks (see note 9 of the guidance notes on the application form).

Please ensure you complete and submit all your documentation with the right fee. If not, the application will not be progressed until this is all received.

Risk Assessment

You must complete a risk assessment and keep a record of your findings if you have five or more people working in your premises.

HSE Risk Assessment Document (PDF, 164KB)

This is an example of one you can use. You will be asked to produce it to the officer who inspects your premises. Alternatively, you can upload a copy with your application form and other supporting documentation.


Different fees apply dependant upon whether it is a new licence or a renewal and whether the amount you are storing is subject to separation distances. See the fees list.

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