Fair Trading

Trading Standards has responsibility for ensuring a Fair Trading environment for both businesses and consumers alike. We offer guidance and support to all Cheshire businesses on how compliance can be achieved and undertake investigations into complaints about problems occurring in Cheshire. The areas that we cover are:

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPR's)

The CPR's prohibit trading practices which are unfair to consumers. It names 31 specific practices which will always be considered unfair and which are prohibited. Businesses will have a general duty to trade fairly, their actions must not be misleading nor should they omit any information from consumers.

Business Guidance leaflets can be found at the Trading Standards and Office of Fair Trading (OFT) websites.

Estate Agents

Are under a duty to act in the best interests of clients and that both buyers and sellers are treated honestly, fairly and promptly

Consumer Credit

Advertisements and agreements must comply with specific regulations and everyone in the consumer credit supply chain should be licensed.

Internet / Phone Sales

When goods are sold to consumers without any face to face contract certain conditions apply (e.g. a cooling off period should be given.)

Timeshare / Package Holidays

Organisers must ensure certain safeguards are in place (such as being Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) bonded etc.)

Scam Promotions / Prize Draws

Mail shots and phone calls are increasingly being used to scam money from unsuspecting consumers.