Trading Standards - business pages

Trading Standards exists for the benefit of consumers and businesses within Cheshire. The aim of the Service is to promote a fair trading environment that enables honest businesses to succeed. This is achieved through a variety of activities including the provision of advice and education for businesses and through the detection and investigation of criminal offences.

Providing advice to Cheshire businesses

Cheshire East trading standards offer advice to help businesses to comply with the law. If you need advice please contact the Business Support team.

 If your business is based in Cheshire you may wish to develop a primary authority relationship with us. Primary Authority enables a business to form a legally recognised partnership with a local authority, which is called its 'primary authority'. The primary authority can provide the business with robust and reliable regulatory advice which other local authorities take into account in their dealings with the business. There are many benefits in having such a relationship, for example we will appoint a named officer to respond to your queries. This officer can also act as a contact point for other enforcing authorities so reducing the need for them to contact you direct when they have a complaint or enquiry about your business. Further information about Primary Authority.

 If you would like to talk to one of our Officers about creating a primary authority partnership please contact the Business Support Team. or telephone 0300 123 5015.

What do Trading Standards do when a complaint is made about a business?

When a complaint is made about a business we take into account a number of factors when deciding what action to take. For example we assess the potential harm the business’ behaviour might be having on consumers. We will also consider the possible detriment the business’ actions is having on other businesses. The action that we will take includes providing advice to help the business to comply with the law and where the seriousness and level of complaints warrants it we will prosecute the offending business.

To learn more about our approach please refer to our Enforcement Policy.