Strategic Regeneration Framework for Macclesfield Town Centre

Macclesfield town centre has many strengths, its historic Market Place the centre for the hugely popular monthly Treacle Market, independent shops, unique built heritage and cultural assets, and dynamic businesses.

Despite these advantages, like numerous others the length and breadth of the country, town centre vitality is challenged by competition from online retailing and services and out of town destinations, even before the impacts of COVID-19 are taken into account. 

In October 2019 the Council approved the Macclesfield Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF), setting the strategic ambition for the area to give a clear direction for all those who want to help revitalise the town centre.  

The Macclesfield Town Centre  SRF sets a vision for a ‘town that celebrates its quirkiness’, identifies seven ‘character areas’, suggesting 3 of these as priorities, and nine strategic objectives for the town centre as a whole.