Strategic Regeneration Framework for Macclesfield Town Centre

Macclesfield has a strong foundation and many strengths - the hugely popular monthly Treacle Market, the biennial Barnaby Festival, independent shops, heritage assets, dynamic businesses and an affluent catchment population

Despite these advantages there are some aspects of the town which cause concern. The town centre in particular, like numerous others the length and breadth of the country, has struggled to maintain vitality and viability as consumers increasingly engage digitally and spend less in traditional brick and mortar high street stores.

Whilst Macclesfield town centre has not fared as badly as many, we recognise the mismatch between the current town centre offer and the aspirations of local people. We share local residents aspirations to see the town centre reinvigorated.

We remain committed to further diversifying and enhancing Macclesfield’s town centre offer for families and the evening economy and will be reviewing options with the aim of developing proposals that reflect Macclesfield’s distinctive characteristics and build on the town’s existing leisure and cultural sectors.  

While a draft five year vision document was preparedRegeneration-consultation by officers and approved by Cabinet in 2017 for public consultation, the advent of HS2 is a game changer that offers a once in a generation opportunity to unlock Macclesfield town centre’s full potential. To do this requires a fresh approach using available resources to bring forward a more ambitious and aspirational regeneration strategy that will create the conditions for external investment and economic growth in Macclesfield.

We have prepared a Draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) (PDF, 4MB) for Macclesfield town centre. This approach is a long established and widely used mechanism for bringing forward successful regeneration. In setting out a clear vision, principles and key objectives for the future development and regeneration of the town centre the  SRF will act as a powerful, credible platform for engaging with all local communities and stakeholders. Equally importantly, in articulating the our long-term commitment to Macclesfield, it will provide the development sector with the confidence and certainty needed to bring forward investment, jobs and economic growth.

Property experts Cushman and Wakefield led the team which has developed the draft strategic regeneration framework, with specialist input from renowned engineering firm WSP and Open, which specialises in the design and planning urban environments. The Institute of Place Management at MMU , advised and supported the team, particularly in engaging with local stakeholders. 

The Macclesfield town centre strategic regeneration framework will:  

  • set out a fresh ‘vision’ for the town centre
  • identify major opportunities for regeneration of the town centre, capitalising on the town’s unique character and advantages
  • identify high-level objectives for the town centre
  • consider the need for improved infrastructure to facilitate regeneration
  • recommend a series of priority next steps for translating the vision into tangible action

We are keen to ensure the framework, via consultation, draws on local knowledge and is informed by the views of local residents, business and other stakeholders.

A 4 week public consultation on the Draft document closed on the 13 March 2019. In total, 264 consultation responses were received and the result is on our consultation results page.

The Consultant team have now read through every comment submitted, considered the full range of views from all respondents and how these should influence the next iteration of the Strategic Regeneration Framework and have produced a Report on Consultation and are amending the draft Strategic Regeneration Framework.

When this stage of work is completed a final draft will be presented to Cabinet for their consideration. This is likely to happen in October 2019.