Cheshire East Local Economic Assessment

The Local Economic Assessment (LEA) was produced in 2010-2011 and is an overview of the economic conditions in Cheshire East. 

It takes a broad view of how the local economy functions and how it is connected to neighbouring areas and other places. Evidence and data have been drawn from a variety of sources, including a range of social and environmental factors which impact on economic growth.

The LEA aims to provide a robust evidence base to help the Local Authority and other partners to improve economic interventions and help prioritise investment and resources.

An LEA has also been prepared for Cheshire And Warrington, which offers a sub-regional economic perspective.

For a more up-to-date overview of Cheshire East’s economic conditions, its demographic characteristics and its economic links to neighbouring areas, see the Cheshire East Economic Profile, which can be found in the “Employment and retail” section of the Council’s Local Plan Research and Evidence page.