Size of your Household

The size of your household determines how many bedrooms you need; this also helps to decide which LHA rate we will use to calculate your benefit subject to a maximum of 4 bedrooms.

If you live in Social Housing the size of your household determines whether you will be subject to the Under Occupancy rules.

We allocate one bedroom for each of the following:

Size Criteria - One bedroom for each of the following:

  • a couple
  • a person who is not a child  (aged 16 and over)
  • two children of the same sex
  • two children who are under 10
  • any other child, (other than a child whose main home is elsewhere).
  • a carer (or group of carers) providing overnight care for either the claimant, partner, non dependant or dependant child 
  • An extra bedroom can be claimed for
    • children who are unable to share a bedroom because of severe disabilities
    • claimant and partner who are unable to share a room due to disabilities
  • a foster child or children of an approved foster carer
  • armed forces personnel who are away from home on operations

Each person is only counted once and if you live in one room and share your kitchen and/or bathroom with other people you will receive a shared accommodation rate. This rate also applies if you are under 35 and live on your own.

If there is a need for a carer who stays overnight, but who doesn't normally live with you, and you have a spare room that they can use during the night, then they may be added to your household when calculating your Housing Benefit.

Foster Carers - One extra bedroom will apply to approved foster carers who have a child placed with them

Parents of Armed Forces Personnel - Adult children who are in the Armed Forces but who continue to live with their parents will be treated as continuing to live at home (but only for the purposes of applying the size criteria), when they are deployed on operations.