Payment of Local Housing Allowance

In most cases we will pay Local Housing Allowance to the person claiming the Housing Benefit not the landlord. This will be paid direct into a bank account.

We usually pay every two weeks, in arrears. You must then make sure you pay your rent to your landlord on time.

I am overdrawn

Banks are not allowed to use Housing Benefit or any other income related benefits to repay an overdraft as the law provides that you need a minimum amount of money to live on. Arguably, the money is not actually yours, you should pass the money to your landlord.

If the bank does use this money to offset an overdraft you should seek legal advice or contact CAB for further help and to claim back any charges.

You can find advice and example letters – Right of Appropriation and Formal Complaint under the Consumer Credit Act 2006 in the First Right of Appropriation (PDF, 26KB).

I don’t have a bank account

We prefer to pay direct into a bank account, as it is safer and more efficient. You can also set up a standing order with your landlord to pay your rent.

More information on how to open a basic bank account .  

I am in arrears with my landlord

Generally we would pay you direct but if you are 8 weeks or more in arrears we will pay your landlord direct until these arrears have reduced.

I need help with my financial affairs

If you have difficulties managing your financial affairs and would prefer your benefit to be paid directly to your landlord we may be able to help. So we can decide if we can do this we will need more information. Please complete our online form and download any evidence to support this request. 

If you are unable to fill it in yourself someone else may be able to help, further information about this is given on the form.

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