A guide to Local Housing Allowance for claimants and tenants

Who Local Housing Allowance applies to

Everyone who makes a new claim for Housing Benefit, or a current benefit recipient who changes address, unless:

  • your (new) landlord is a Registered Social Landlord
  • you move to/live in supported accommodation
  • your tenancy started before 15 January 1989
  • you move to/live in a caravan, houseboat, hostel or pay for board and lodgings
  • the Valuation Office Agency has decided that a large amount of your rent is for meals cooked for you

How it works

The maximum amount of Housing Benefit you can receive is set by the Valuation Office Agency. It will be calculated based on the size of your household and the area within which your property sits, there are 5 individual areas across the Cheshire East authority which are listed below these areas are known as Broad Rental Market Areas (BRMAs).

  • East Cheshire
  • South Cheshire
  • West Cheshire
  • Southern Greater Manchester
  • Staffordshire North

If your rent is higher than the Local Housing Allowance rate 

The LHA rate awarded to you based on your household size and property location is the maximum amount you will be able to receive.

If you are struggling to make up the shortfall then please enquire about the Discretionary Housing Payments Scheme, this may be able to help you meet that shortfall in the short term until you are able to find more suitable accommodation.

Where I can get help

Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for further advice. They can help you to fill out forms or to write a letter.

Contact Shelter which is the housing and homelessness charity or use their freephone number of 0808 800 4444. They offer advice about money matters, homes and housing problems.