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How long will it take for a Housing Benefit payment to be sent?

We will aim to process your tenant's claim within 14 working days of receiving all information necessary to support the claim.

Please note that under the Local Housing Allowance scheme, tenants will be paid the benefit direct to them unless they qualify as a vulnerable person.

How often will the Benefit be paid?

The benefit will be paid to the tenant every 2 weeks in arrears, again unless they are classed as being ‘vulnerable tenants’ whereby we can then amend the payments to be paid to the landlord every 4 weeks in arrears.

Cases where 8 weeks rent arrears exist

In all cases the following steps will be taken:

  1. Request confirmation that rent has not been paid in the form of a rent break down showing the exact periods unpaid by the tenant.
  2. Identify and investigate the reasons why rent has not been paid by the tenant
  3. Seek evidence of arrears and reasons why the tenant has not paid
  4. Make a decision to whom payment should be made
  5. In the situation were a decision is made to pay the landlord payment details will be requested
  6. Provide direct payment advice and support for the tenant
  7. Where the decision is made to make payments to the landlord, this decision will be reviewed by the Benefits department within a time scale deemed appropriate.

If you are unsure whether or not your tenant is classified as a vulnerable person under the LHA regulations or if you require any advice regarding rent arrears please contact the Benefits Department for more information. Please note that the council's 'Safeguard Policy is currently being decided a decision will be made shortly and a copy will be available on the website.

How long is benefit paid for?

Benefit will continue as long as there is entitlement.

Housing Benefit is only paid while a tenant lives in the property. Entitlement to benefit ends as soon as a tenant leaves the property. This condition also applies if a tenant dies, as entitlement ends on date of death.

Entitlement may continue during a temporary absence from home.

If a tenant moves out or dies and you have been paid Housing Benefit beyond your tenant's change of address or death, then you will have been overpaid. You will have to repay this money.

There may be times when the Housing Benefit Office finds out a tenant has left before you do. Housing Benefit will still end on the date the tenant is known to have left - any further rent due is a matter for you to pursue with your tenant.

What tenancy information is needed?

In addition to proof of income, every applicant for Housing Benefit must provide the following details:-

  • Date the tenancy started
  • Date the tenant moved in
  • Rent charged
  • Number of rooms in the property
  • Rooms occupied by the tenant
  • The name and address of the landlord
  • A tenancy agreement, confirmation of rent or a letter from the landlord which should show the date the tenancy began, the amount of rent charged and any services included in the rent (such as heating, meals etc)

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