Covid-19 Hardship Fund

The government have given Councils a Hardship Fund to help to support up to £150 to each working age Council Tax Payer receiving Council Tax Support (CTS). This is part of the response to the COVID 19 crisis.

Cheshire East has received £2,062,635.  This has been based upon the working age caseload of those claiming CTS in quarter 3 of 2019/20: 9,549

Council Tax Support gives you a reduction on your Council Tax bill if you are on a low income. You will get a revised Council Tax bill with a reduced balance rather than getting cash.

Further financial support due to COVID19.

Each working age Council Tax Payer receiving Council Tax Support (CTS). We will identify you if are entitled to the fund and make the reduction to your Council Tax during 20/21.  You don't need to apply.

Pensioners still have their CTS assessed under the national scheme. The hardship fund only applies to working age customers as they are deemed to be most financially affected by the Covid19 crisis. 

It will be a credit to your council tax account so that you have less to pay. It is not a cash payment.

Every working age council tax payer receiving Council Tax Support during 2020/21 will receive a credit of up to £150 to their council tax account (only one per household). If the balance to pay after Council Tax Support has been awarded is less than £150, the balance will be set to nil.

There will only be one £150 reduction applied to the Council Tax account regardless of how many of you are separately claiming Council Tax Support.

You will still receive the reduction. You will not lose out.

You will still keep the full reduction on your account unless you are no longer entitled to Council Tax Support prior to 1 April 2020.

If you move within Cheshire East, you will receive £150 reduction once in the year, not for each address you live at. If you move into or out of Cheshire East, we will need to speak to the other Council to see which Council has provided the reduction as you will not receive this twice. You may be asked to provide your final Council Tax bill in respect of your previous address.

We have reviewed the cases and awarded the £150 reduction to those who lost out due to the change in the scheme.

We are working with our software suppliers to finalise making the reduction to:

  • Claiming for a new property which has not yet been banded for council tax
  • We hope to have this completed by the end of July 2020 but will do this sooner if possible