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  • Sandbach Town
    Borough elections 2015 - Sandbach Town ward is represented by 1 Councillor.
  • Sandbach Town Council - Town Ward 2015 Election Results
    Sandbach Town Council - Town Ward 2015 Election Results.
  • Sandbach Town Parish Council Elections Results
    Parish Council election result. May 2011
  • Sandbach Town Strategy
    Sandbach Town Strategy The Sandbach Town Strategy looks at how the town might develop in the future
  • Saved and Other Policies
    Planning policies from previous local plans that remain part of the statutory development plan for Cheshire East and can still be used in determining planning applications.
  • Scams Advice
    Have you had an offer to invest some money or have you been told that you have won a prize
  • Scams aimed at businesses
    Find out more information about the scams that are geared up to businesses.
  • Scams Information
    Cheshire Easts Trading Standards Investigations service along with Citizens Advice Consumer Services are educating residents on the types of scams that are currently out there, how to sot them, what to do if they or someone they know falls victim to one and how to protect themselves in the future.
  • Scams News
    Cheshire East Trading Standards Investigations along with Trading Standards teams nationally have been working with the national scams team inreturning cash and cheques to residents that have been involved in prize draw mail scams - for the full story please visit the Trading Standards Institute website
  • School and College Transport Applications
    School and College Transport Applications
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