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Our A-Z is a site index, an alphabetical listing of keywords for the content of our site. Occasionally, if we don’t hold the information ourselves, there will be a link to another site, when this happens it will be clearly shown.

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  • Learning Disability Partnership Board
    Days out - community activities in Cheshire East
  • LED street lighting improvements
    We're investing to improve the authority's street lighting, by upgrading it to light emitting diode (LED) technology.
  • Legionnaires' Disease
    Information on Legionnaires disease including, what it is, how people get it, the symptoms, where it comes from and what measures there are to control it.
  • Leighton Ward
    Borough elections 2015 - Leighton ward is represented by 1 Councillor.
  • Leisure, Culture and Tourism
    Cheshire East leisure centres, community centres, swimming pools, sports, parks and countryside information. Also find out about your local libraries, museums and records service and details about the huge range of arts and entertainment activities taking place.
  • Letting Procedure
    Holdings become vacant as tenants move on to larger farms, retire or their term of years expire.
  • Library Displays
    Items on display at Alsager Library: Mere embroidery, Goss vase, images of Crewe Hall and portraits of the Misses Alsager.
  • Library Services for Children and Young People
    Information on services for Children and Young People in Cheshire libraries.
  • Licences and Permits Trading Standards
    Licences and Permits in Cheshire East.
  • Licensing A to Z
    An A to Z of licensing for Cheshire East Council.
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