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Our A-Z is a site index, an alphabetical listing of keywords for the content of our site. Occasionally, if we don’t hold the information ourselves, there will be a link to another site, when this happens it will be clearly shown.

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  • Carers of adults
    Carers of adults category page for Live Well in Cheshire East.
  • Carers of children
    Carers of children category page for Live Well in Cheshire East.
  • Caring for someone
    Welfare benefits for carers.
  • Caring for your teeth
    Information and advice on caring for your teeth. Includes link to local dental support services in Cheshire East.
  • Causes of autism spectrum disorder
    Causes of autism spectrum disorder
  • Causes of congenital heart disease
    Information on the causes of congenital heart disease from NHS Choices.
  • Cemeteries and crematoria
    A list of cemeteries and crematoria in Cheshire East run by Orbitas Bereavement Services. Includes address and link to website.
  • Chairs of Governors' Emails
    Chairs of Governors should now have access to an e-mail account which will keep the governing body up-to-date with school specific information.
  • Change in Circumstances - Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support
    You can do this via our online Benefit Change in Circumstances form or you can contact the Benefit department. We will contact you if we need any further information or supporting documents (we will still only accept original documents, not scanned images or photocopies).
  • Change of Use Planning applications
    Planning permission documents and details to change the use of land or permises, where the applciation is not made via the planning portal.
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