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Results of Annual Garden Waste Collection Shutdown Consultation

Following feedback on the garden waste shutdown during winter 2013/14, Cheshire East Council recently undertook a consultation on the proposed winter shutdown for 2014/15. The consultation aimed to assess views of residents about the timing of the shutdown, the length of shutdown and the preferred method of communication to residents.

The survey was open for a six week period during June/July 2014. Residents were invited to answer an online questionnaire and were also advised that potential respondents could go to Cheshire East libraries/ customer contact points to complete the survey. Overall a total of 2,527 responses were returned from respondents across Cheshire East. Thank you to everyone who responded and completed the questionnaire.

The results confirmed that:-

  • End of November – early December were the most preferred options for the shutdown period to start each receiving around 30%. This would put the start date of the shutdown around 24th November – 5th December for 2014 
  • The percentage preferring a mid December start date increased for those who paid for one or more extra bins (35% compared to 23% overall). This would put the start date of the shutdown around 12th - 19th December for 2014 
  • The most preferred option for length of shutdown was 12 weeks. If this were to be implemented starting around 24th November – 5th December for 2014 this would mean that collections would resume as normal from the beginning of March 2015. If the start date were to be around the 12th - 19th December collections would resume around the 6th – 13th of March for 2015 
  • There were no major differences in views between rural and urban respondents
  • It would be recommended that residents be communicated of start date and duration of the shutdown period via a sticker applied to each bin along with a press release to media channels across Cheshire East with at least one collection advanced notice so residents are able to prepare for the last collection.
Summary of the consultation results

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