Online Services

As a resident of Cheshire East you can do the following online:

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Useful Information

  • Bus Timetables - Up to date information about bus services in Cheshire East.
  • Census Information - Census information for the Cheshire East area
  • Housing Benefit - Details about qualifying and receiving housing benefits.
  • Housing Options - Help and advice relating to housing and homelessness.
  • Jobs - Search for jobs in Cheshire and surrounding areas and advice for those seeking employment.
  • Leisure Facilities - Find out what sporting and leisure activities are happening in the Cheshire East area.
  • Local Events - Information about events taking place in the Cheshire East area.
  • Local News - Latest news from the Cheshire East area.
  • Council Tax Rates - Find out how much your council tax will be.
  • Council Tax Benefit - Details about qualifying and receiving council tax benefits.
  • Pest Control - Information about pests and what you can do if you find unwelcome visitors in your home.
  • Recycling Advice - More information on how you can start recycling at home, in school, in the garden, or at work.
  • Registering Births, Marriages and Deaths - The Cheshire East Register Office handles the registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • Road-works - Information about road works currently taking place in Cheshire.
  • Waste Collection Times - Find out waste collection information.