This page is for Carers in Cheshire East, to direct you easily to the information on the Cheshire East website that is most relevant to you.

Cheshire East is committed to supporting carers. A carer is someone who looks after a relative, friend or neighbour, who is ill or has a disability and would not be able to live in the community without their help.

Services for Carers

  • Providing Information - One of the most important things that carers say they want is information.
  • Providing a break - One of the simplest things that carers need is a break from their caring responsibilities.
  • Emotional support - Family support workers provide valuable support to carers throughout Cheshire, as do community mental health teams and provider services through one to one case work.
  • Support for carer's own health - It is important that carers take care of their own health and wellbeing so that they are better able to cope with the demands of caring for someone else.
  • Having a Voice - Carers want their voice to be heard and we want to know what you want.

Further Information

  • All carers are entitled to a Carers Assessment. Carers UK provide more information on Carers Assessments.
  • Information for carers of disabled young people moving from Children's to Adults' services. Information on the services from Social Services available to carers of people with physical disabilities.
  • Shared Lives - Shared Lives includes day care, short stay or longer term care being provided in the home of an approved Carer or within the user's own home
  • Information for Young Carers - If you're looking after a relative, friend or neighbour, you could be a young carer. These pages will help you find out what being a young carer involves and how Crossroads Cheshire East can help.

Please view our Carers pages for more information.

Useful Links for Carers