Oranges, a pear and a bannana in the shape of a faceHealthy Living

The Health Improvement Team at Cheshire East Council promotes healthy living and aims to improve safety, health and wellbeing of people in their communities, to reduce inequalities in health and to prevent ill health.

How to stay healthy

A healthy lifestyle can include eating a healthy diet and taking part in exercise. Leisure, culture and tourism pages give details of local facilities including Leisure centres and Libraries

Being Active is one of the 5 ways to wellbeing that were developed by NEF in 2008 and found to promote our mental health. However exercise does not have to be in a leisure centre and you may prefer to view our  Useful Walking Links page, or access  Free maps of Local Walks .

Keeping warm, well and safe in the winter is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle. More information on Winter wellbeingis also available.

Healthy Living Links

Information that can assist you in making the right decision regarding some of your lifestyle choices at home, at work and during leisure time:

Determinants of Health

The following determinants were recognised in “Our Healthier Nation” in 1998 as factors that affect people’s health:

  • Fixed factors e.g. age, sex, genetics
  • Social and economic circumstances e.g. poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, crime
  • Environment e.g. air quality, water quality, housing, working environment
  • Lifestyle e.g. diet, physical exercise, smoking, alcohol, sexual health, drugs
  • Access to services e.g. health, social services, transport, leisure

Therefore the factors that can affect our health include a variety of lifestyle choices that we need to make as individuals. The lifestyle choices we make as individuals can also affect our children.