Living at home

Safe and independent living in your own home

The following services may be available via a social care assessment or you can pay for them yourself.

Personal assistant

Personal assistants are usually employed by you, they are there to provide you with the support and personal care you need to complete any tasks that you find difficult to carry out alone.

Cheshire Centre for Independent Living can provide more information and access to the personal assistant register.

Meal preparation

There are various options available to individuals living at home who have difficulty preparing their own meals. Contact adult social care for further information on support with meal preparation.

Assistive technology and telecare

There are a number of electronic sensors, detectors, monitors, apps and alarms that can keep you safe at home by;

  • monitoring your environment
  • monitoring your health and mobility
  • automatically calling for help if needed
  • sending reassurance to your family and friends that you are safe and well

If we assess you and find that you are eligible for the equipment, there would be a small charge.

Telecare is a piece of technology that can help you to maintain your independence and to stay living at home. It can help by;

  • reminding you of important things
  • making sure you get help when you need it via the use of sensors
  • providing reassurance for your carers and relatives
  • helping to keep you safe

If you are assessed as being eligible for the service, we will pay for the equipment, installation, removal and maintenance. You will need to pay a small charge which covers the cost of monitoring the equipment and any visits that you may need.

For more information and examples of where telecare has benefited people please refer to the following document:

Care and repair

Care and repair is a service for older people and for people with disabilities, they can guide you through the process of carrying out repairs and adaptations in your own home. They can offer help with many types of work around the home, from fixing a dripping tap to building an extension.

telephone: 0300 123 5500

Local tradesmen

If you are not eligible for help from care and repair you may want to find your own local tradesmen to complete some work for you. The Buy with Confidence scheme has been set up to give you access to reliable traders in your locality.

Adaptations to your home

If you or someone living in your property is disabled, you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant towards the cost of adapting your home.

Your Occupational Therapist or Social Worker and Housing Authority will work with you to assess what improvements and adaptations you may need in order to live more independently in your own home


There is a wide range of equipment available that can be easily and inexpensively fitted and will help you to stay living independently in your own home. In some circumstances an occupational therapist or social care assessor may need to visit you in your own home.

Age UK have various suggestions to help you to maintain mobility and independence at home.

The British Red Cross provide short term loans of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Message in a bottle

A free and simple way to ensure that essential information is readily available to the emergency services should you suffer an accident or sudden illness at home. All you need to do is;

  1. Collect a bottle from any of our customer service points, our care and repair service or your local Lions club
  2. Complete the form (in pen), fold it so that it fits into the bottle, secure the bottle with the cap
  3. Store the bottle in the fridge door compartment, so it can be found easily
  4. Place one sticker on the fridge door and one on the inside of your front door

The emergency services can use this information to provide you with fast and effective treatment.

Fire safety in your home

We have worked in partnership with Cheshire East Fire and Rescue to devise a number of safety tips to help keep you safe from fire and other dangers in your home. Visit the public safety section of the Cheshire East Fire and Rescue website for further information and safety tips.

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