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The Cheshire East Parenting Journey is for all parents who live in Cheshire East.

Along your journey from pregnancy until your child starts school you will be invited to 12 stops which will help you to find out more about the stages of your child's development. 

  • Stop 1    Antenatal - A home visit from your Health Visitor to talk about their role and discuss you and your families health.
  • Stop 2   Antenatal - A session offering advice and information on preparing for the arrival of your baby and to find out about your Children's Centre.
  • Stop 3   New Birth - A home visit from your Health Visitor to talk about you and your baby’s health and development.
  • Stop 4   4 - 6 weeks - A home visit from your Health Visitor to support you and your baby and identify and other help you feel you may need.
  • Stop 5   9 – 16 weeks - An opportunity to meet with other parents and babies of a similar age in a relaxed and calm Children’s Centre.
  • Stop 6   4 – 7 months - A fun and active session in a Children’s Centre offering advice about making your home a safe place for your child, communication and language tips and preparing for weaning your baby.
  • Stop 7   9 – 12 months - An opportunity to discuss your child’s health and development with a Health Visitor.
  • Stop 8   From 12 months - A fun and active play session exploring how you can support and understand your child’s language and communication development.
  • Stop 9   18 – 24 months - A fun and active play session introducing “5 as day” for your child’s learning and development.
  • Stop 10  2 years - An opportunity to take part in your child’s 2 year integrated review with a member of the Health Visiting team.
  • Stop 11  Age 3 – 4 years - Fun and active play sessions with an opportunity to find out about helping your child to play, read and write at home.
  • Stop 12  Ready Steady School - A fun and active play session to support you and your child in getting ready for school.

For more information on your Parenting Journey contact your children's centre, speak to your health visitor or contact family information service

 Useful websites

Bookstart - Book recommendations and games for under 5's

ICAN - the children’s communication charity. Helping children develop the speech, language and communication skills.

Start 4 Life - help and advice for a healthy and happy baby.

The Lullaby Trust - Safer sleep for babies

CATCH free health app aimed at parents and carers of children aged 0-5

Talking Point - information on children’s communication

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