Your personal budget

Your personal budget is the amount of money that is available to be spent on your care following your social care needs assessment. You can choose to receive your budget as a cash payment so that you can buy the care and support you need yourself. This is called a direct payment. Alternatively, the council can arrange your care and support for you.

How you can spend your direct payment

Your direct payment can be used to pay for care and support to meet your needs. For example:

  • to pay someone to support you, such as a support worker or personal assistant
  • to purchase support through a service provider of your choice
  • to pay for other ways to meet your needs such as joining a group in your local community or pooling money together in a group to fund activities

Further information on direct payments is contained in our factsheets:

What you will be responsible for

Direct payments give you control of the support you receive. You will also have the responsibilities that come with managing a budget and potentially becoming an employer (such as employing a personal assistant.)

If you think that you are unable to manage the day-to-day financial responsibilities of a direct payment, you can nominate someone else (a nominee - linked) or you can opt for a managed account’, whereby a third party manages all aspects of your direct payment and financial monitoring (at a cost to you) on your behalf.