Careers in Health and Social Care

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Career Planning

Career planning is part of what you do when you're thinking about a new career, or you'd like to progress in the career you are in.

You might be wanting to make a complete change, or just improve where you are at the moment.

Planning needs time, as there are several things to consider. When you are planning, you need to think about:

  • what you can do already
  • what you'd like to do next
  • what else you need to learn

Careers in Social Care

Social care doesn't just mean working for your local council. Social care is the umbrella term for all services that can support people to live independently as part of the community. Working in social care is challenging and rewarding. The social care sector needs people who are passionate about working with people.

Organisations to work for can include local social services as well as voluntary and independent sector organisations – such as Age UK, Barnardo's and the NSPCC.

There is a huge range of work opportunities in social care tailored to various lifestyles and individual needs. Whether you are looking for a career change, thinking of returning to the sector or starting your working life from school or college, social care has much to offer.

Somewhere in your community there's a job that you can do to support others. If you like working with people, social care work offers a worthwhile job that can turn into a rewarding long-term career.

Depending on your role, it is likely that no two days will be the same. You can gain an enormous sense of personal achievement from knowing that your job is supporting people and contributing to making a positive difference and enhancing their everyday living, health and well-being.

You may want to have a look at the Skills for Care pathway  for more information about careers in adult social care. This site has a number of options to look at - including a careers matrix, job descriptions and case studies.

For more guidance about working with children and young people you can look at the Department for Education information.

Careers in health care

Thinking about a career in health care? Health care covers professions from A to Z. Have a look at NHS Careers A to Z and see for yourself!

However, a career in health care doesn't just mean working for the NHS – you can work for a number of different organisations and companies and the possibilities are endless.