Housing strategies and policies

The Council is responsible for producing and enabling a number of strategies and policies which help to plan and deliver housing in Cheshire East;

Our  Housing Strategy  outlines our ambitious plans for meeting housing needs by delivering new affordable housing, maintaining and improving existing housing stock, and through providing housing support to those who need it. 

The Common Allocation Policy is the way the council and its partners allocate social housing The central aim of the policy is to ensure that all social/ affordable housing is allocated fairly and objectively to those in the greatest housing need, having regard to any legislative requirements.

A new Housing Strategy for the period up to 2023 is being consulted on, more information is available on our Housing Strategy 2018-2023 Consultation page.

Our Homelessness Strategy outlines our priorities and future actions for tackling and preventing homelessness over the next five years. The strategy reflects a strong commitment to early intervention and prevention, by continuing to invest in and improve the effectiveness and response of advice and support services.

The Tenancy Strategy sets out our expectations for registered social landlords in relation to the type of tenancies they will grant, setting out the broad objectives, which will assist the Registered Providers to formulate their own Tenancy Management policies.

The principle aim of the Vulnerable and Older People's Housing Strategy is to set the priorities, direction, and actions designed to improve the performance and choice of housing and elated accommodation services for vulnerable and older people.

The Private Sector Housing Financial Assistance Policy sets out the forms of financial assistance which are available from Cheshire East Council to assist vulnerable homeowners, owners of private rented property and disabled people to improve or adapt their properties.