Home Safety service

Small repairs and practical tasks to help older people remain living safely in their own home

The Home Safety service is part of Care And Repair. Our team of handypersons and reputable contractors provide "that little bit of help" with jobs around the home for older and disabled people living in their own homes. We help around 2,000 people every year to stay safe in their own home.

People who have used our service in the past have told us that the service is valuable to them because:

  • They can't do the jobs themselves any more
  • They don't have family nearby who can do the jobs for them
  • Finding a contractor is difficult and they don't know who to trust
  • They can't afford the prices that contractors often want to charge for small jobs

Ways in which the Home Safety service can help:

  • Home safety checks and giving you tips on staying safe in your home
  • Jobs to prevent slips and trips -including fixing down carpets, rugs and trailing wires, and treating slippery paths
  • Small repairs around the home - including plumbing and joinery repairs
  • Fitting security measures - including door chains, new door locks and window locks (except emergency lock changes) 
  • Fitting grab rails and handrails
  • Jobs to prevent the need for climbing - including changing light bulbs, fitting curtain rails and changing curtains
  • Fitting 'key safes' so that carers can visit you at home
  • Moving furniture around the home to be able to bring a bed downstairs  

 There are some jobs we can't do, such as gas / electrical work, window cleaning, fencing, blocked WCs / external drains, decorating, gardening and working at height. We will be able to direct you to reliable local people or services that can do these jobs for you.

What does the service cost?

It is a low cost service, costing £18 per visit. The maximum amount of time we normally allocate to a job is 2 hours, so that we can help as many people as possible. The handyperson will try to carry out as many jobs as he can in that time, but we may need to make a referral for another visit.

You also pay for any materials that are used - you can either provide them yourself, or we can provide our materials. We don't make a profit on materials - you pay exactly what we pay.

If it's a very small job such as changing light bulbs, then we won't charge you for the visit.

We accept payment by cash or cheque, which is payable on the day when the work is completed.

Is there a waiting list?

We try to prioritise works according to how urgent they are and if someone is at risk of falling or having an accident if its not done quickly.

Our target timescales are:

  • Helping people to come home from hospital, or to enable care to be provided at home - within 1 week
  • Falls prevention and preparing for winter - within 2 weeks
  • Minor maintenance and general tasks - within 4 weeks.

Contact Care And Repair

If you would like to use our service, or to find out more information, please contact us.