Planning a Move

If you are considering moving home it is important that you make your plans well in advance. Moving suddenly may result in making a wrong decision. It is important to consider which options are available to you including your current circumstances and the finances you have available both long and short term. Housing options officers are available to provide ongoing advice, support and assistance to ensure you make informed decisions regarding your next move.

Your reasons for wanting to move home will be an important factor in making decisions. They might include:

  • threat of homelessness
  • financial issues
  • relationship breakdown
  • domestic abuse
  • landlord / tenant issues
  • neighbour nuisance or harassment
  • eviction

Threat of homelessness

Cheshire East is committed to preventing homelessness. It is important that you contact us as early as possible when you have a housing issue as we are more likely to have more options to consider with you to resolve the issue.

Where there is a threat of homelessness the Housing Options Team will need your full co-operation in considering all the options to sustain your current housing or to facilitate a move to alternative accommodation as soon as possible.

Finding other accommodation

There are several alternatives to making your current accommodation more suitable and sustainable including 

Swapping your home

For tenants already living in social housing who are looking to move, applying for a mutual exchange has been proven to be an excellent way of moving homes. This allows you swap your home with another social housing tenant. It is a very good way of increasing your chances of getting the home you need within a reasonable amount of time. Homeswapper is a free online service that has been set up for tenants interested in swapping houses. For more information, log on to Alternatively you should contact a local housing officer from your Housing Association who can help explain the process.