Junior Road Safety Officer

Welcome to the Junior Road Safety Officer page and congratulations on your new appointment as Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) for your school!

Here you will find lots of materials and information to help you to carry out your very important job.

Junior Road Safety Officer school guide

The Junior Road Safety Officer School Guide gives you lots of hints and tips on being a JRSO. Inside you will find out how to run fun competitions, talk about road safety to your school in assemblies, keep a special road safety noticeboard and lots more.

You can download a copy of the Junior Road Safety Guide here (PDF, 8MB)*. We also have a few special JRSO ring binders for you to store your Guide and to keep any other road safety information in. These are available on a first-come-first served basis. To order one, contact the Road Safety Team on 0300 123 5500 or roadsafety@cheshireeast.gov.uk

* Please note that this document is not accessible to users of assistive technologies due to it being a print version only. However we have added a web page containing text only versions of the monthly bulletins.

Monthly bulletins

Each month there is a bulletin for you to read out in whole school assembly. They are a way of helping you talk about road safety to your school. The bulletins have a different road safety message each time, often fitting in with national road safety campaigns going on at the same time or the time of year. Once you have read the bulletin out, put it up on your road safety noticeboard so that people can re-read it and be reminded of its messages. All of the year's bulletins can be downloaded below. October's bulletin is also on page 10 of the Guide.

There are no bulletins for August and September.

Click here for text only versions of these bulletins.

Road Safety noticeboard

One of your jobs as a JRSO is to keep an eye-catching and informative noticeboard. The noticeboard is used to display the monthly bulletins and message posters, to advertise competitions and announce the winners and to generally promote road safety as much as possible. Try to make your noticeboard as interesting as you can. Perhaps you could put a brightly coloured border around it or display some road safety themed artwork by pupils - 3-D artwork would be great! And most importantly, make sure you keep your noticeboard fresh and up-to-date - take down old notices and bulletins or anything that starts to become tatty. More ideas for your noticeboard can be found on page 7 of the Guide.

Tales of the RoadTales of the Road

Tales of the Road is a road safety campaign aimed at children - you may have seen some of the adverts on TV? It has its own web portal which has loads of great information, games and competitions. You can also watch the TV adverts - perhaps you could use these in your assemblies when you read out the bulletins? There are 4 adverts - finding a safe place to cross the road, dressing brightly, riding your bike and using stop, look and listen when crossing roads.

The Grown Ups section on the site is worth a look by you too. It has some video clips of real life stories from children who have been involved in a road incident, a funky Tales of the Road magazine and 3 activity packs for download. Maybe you can use these for ideas for competitions or to put on your noticeboard?

Tales of the Road is also the name of the new Highway Code for children. Use this to find out all you need to know about the rules of the road. It's also really useful for helping with the answers to some of the suggested competitions in the Guide.

Other useful web sites

Here are several other web sites you might like to visit.

Think! campaign - this is the national road safety campaign from the Department for Transport. Lots of information about all areas of road safety plus you can download publicity materials, radio adverts and video clips.

JRSO.com - a web site especially for JRSOs. It is aimed at children in Scottish schools but you will find it has lots of stuff on there that you can still use including ideas for competitions, a calendar and games.

RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) - RoSPA is a national safety organisation that gives out advice and materials on all sorts of safety matters, including road safety. They have a great resource that you may like to use in your road safety assemblies - a CD of road safety songs. You can order the CD from Kevin Clinton at RoSPA and you can download the words to the songs from the web site.


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