Diffusion Tube Monitoring Locations

The map below shows all the diffusion tube monitoring sites within the Borough. You can search the map by postcode, town, or just zoom in to your local area, however please bear in mind that unless you live very close to a diffusion tube site, the levels at your house may vary significantly from those shown

The Air Quality Objective for Nitrogen Dioxide is 40 µg/m­­3 (Annual Mean)

Key to map symbols:

Symbol Site Type Description
Pink Tube Urban background Urban residential areas away from sources of pollution
Orange Tube Kerbside Within 5 metres of the kerb
Blue Tube Roadside Typically 5 to 15 metres from the kerb
Yellow Tube Suburban Residential areas on the outskirts of towns (>15m from major roads)
Brown Tube Industrial Used to monitor industrial emissions
Green Tube Rural Open countryside away from roads, industry or populated areas
Purple Tube Other Specific emission sources such as car parks, motorways or other monitoring categories.

All levels are shown as Bias Adjusted Annual Means.