Our enforcement policy has been created to secure an efficient and effective approach to all council regulatory inspection and enforcement functions to improve compliance with legislation whilst minimising the burden on businesses, individuals, organisations, and Cheshire East Borough Council “The Council”. This is in accordance with the Regulator’s Compliance Code and includes the principles contained within the Enforcement Concordat.

In certain instances the Council may conclude that a specific requirement of the Code is either not relevant or is outweighed by another requirement. The Council will ensure that any decision to depart from the Code will be properly reasoned and documented and based on material evidence.

The policy explains the approach adopted when carrying out the Council’s duty to enforce a wide range of legislation and is written in general terms to accommodate this.

The Council will endeavour to serve Cheshire East consumers and businesses by working with the business community to ensure healthy, fair and safe trading and a thriving economy. The Council will take particular care to help small businesses, voluntary and community organisations to meet their legal obligations at minimal expense.

The Council will assist businesses and individuals in Cheshire East comply with legislation for which it has enforcement responsibility.

When the Council takes enforcement action it will take account of national priorities alongside local priorities that exist at the time of any intervention, investigation or offence. Enforcement interventions are likely to be targeted in areas where a Council, Neighbourhood or Area priority is being compromised.

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