Damage to Property

image of a flooded townAccidents, storms or flooding can leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Proper insurance cover for property and possessions can ease much of the distress.

  • Insurance can cover the cost of building repairs and replacement of household contents as new - you can insure against a wide range of risks including "Acts of God"
  • Housing Associations will repair the buildings they own, but tenants should check whether they need to insure their personal possessions themselves
  • Tenants should know who to contact for emergency repairs
  • People with leasehold or privately-rented homes should check agreements for property repairs with the landlord or agent
  • If you need to arrange repairs, stick to established firms with good reputations
  • If you can't find anyone suitable, ask a recognised trade association for advice
  • Decide now which firms you would use in an emergency and make a note of their number with details of your insurance on the contact sheet.