Chemical Accidents and Fumes

If you live close to a chemical site, you will regularly receive information from industries in your area reminding you to:

Go In Stay In Tune In Logo

‘Go in, Stay in and Tune in’


The following advice summarises and reinforces that information: 

  • If you hear a warning siren or radio announcement, go into a house or building straight away.
  • Close all external doors, turn off all ventilation and central heating systems.
  • Close all windows and curtains.
  • Stay in a room away from the industrial area, preferably upstairs.
  • Tune into your local radio station to receive information and instructions.
  • Do not ring the emergency services, unless you have a medical emergency, as their phone lines need to be kept clear.
  • General medical advice can be sought from NHS Direct on 111.
  • Please co-operate with any instructions given by the emergency services.
  • Stay indoors until you hear the all clear message (either on the radio or via a long single blast of siren) or you receive instructions from the emergency services.
  • On receiving the all clear, doors and windows can then be opened and ventilation restored.