Dog fouling and control – a consistent approach across Cheshire East

We are considering introducing a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) across the Cheshire East borough to help us tackle dog fouling and dog control more effectively. We know that most dog owners are responsible and we thank them for their continued support in helping to keep our public areas clean.

We are asking for your views on the proposed PSPO for dog fouling and control across Cheshire East.

This consultation will run for four weeks from 12 noon on Tuesday 12 September to 12 noon on Tuesday 10 October 2017.

Dog controls the PSPO would introduce

The PSPO would introduce two main requirements:

  • to ban dog fouling in all public places; and
  • to allow authorised officers to tell a dog owner/walker to put and keep their dog on a lead if necessary.  For example, if their dog was showing aggressive behaviour.

Why we want to introduce a new PSPO for dog fouling and control

Cheshire East Council has a statutory duty to keep land clear of litter and refuse (including dog fouling) and a duty of care for dealing with waste. We have a duty to take action against irresponsible individuals who fail to clear up after their dogs on land which is open to the public. Dog mess is highly unpleasant and a hazard to health - particularly to children.   

The introduction of a PSPO for the Cheshire East borough will replace and extend existing dog controls and byelaws. This will allow us to have a consistent approach to dog fouling as well as other dog control requirements to encourage responsible dog ownership and for everyone to enjoy our open and public spaces safely.

We are required to review PSPOs every three years - or sooner if necessary – if, for example, the community wanted us to give increased protection for dedicated areas such as enclosed children’s play areas, cemeteries and repeat problem areas.

A newly introduced PSPO would link into our campaigns such as ‘Dog Watch’ and ‘Keep Cheshire East Clean – No Rubbish Excuses’ which seek to change undesirable behaviour through engagement, education and enforcement around littering, fly- tipping and dog fouling.

How the proposed PSPO would be enforced

An Authorised Officer would enforce the PSPO .

An Authorised Officer can be :

  • a member of Council staff such as a Community Enforcement Officer,
  • a member of staff employed by a specialist community enforcement company to operate on behalf of Cheshire East Council,
  • a Police Officer or a Police Community Support Officer.

The penalties under the proposed PSPO

An Authorised Officer would issue a fixed penalty notice (FPN) of up to £100. Failure to pay the FPN may lead to prosecution and a potential maximum fine of £1,000 as would more serious breaches of the PSPO .

Where the PSPO would apply

This PSPO would apply to all public places in the borough of Cheshire East (a link to the map of our boundary can be found below at the bottom of this page). For these purposes a ‘public place’ means any place to which the public has access.  

You may have to put your dog on a lead if an Authorised Officer tells you to

An Authorised Officer may only tell a person to put and keep a dog on a lead if it is necessary to prevent a nuisance or behaviour by the dog that is likely to cause worry, annoyance or disturbance to any other person or the worry or disturbance of an animal.

When the PSPO would come into effect

This consultation will run for four weeks from 12 noon Tuesday 12 September to 12 noon Tuesday 10 October 2017. Before bringing the PSPO into effect, the Council will consider the responses to this public consultation. If the PSPO is brought into effect, the Council would publicise this ahead of the implementation date.

How you can get involved with the consultation

You can:


If you have any issues with the survey link or would like to discuss this further, please contact our Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 0300 123 50 30 or by e-mailing us on